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Ruckus SmartCell Insight – License – Linux

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Ruckus SmartCell Insight – License – Linux

Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) is Big Data Wi-Fi analytics and reporting engine purpose built to help service providers make informed business decisions regarding the operation of their Wi-Fi networks. It makes use of Big Data technology found in columnar database repositories, which greatly enhance the scale and performance of a system when used to process historical data.
The Ruckus SCI platform transforms traditional network reporting into a vital business tool, collecting, analyzing, parsing, presenting, and storing unprecedented amounts of user, traffic, session, and location information. Data from the large networks can be stored and retrieved for several years. Ruckus SCI collects and aggregates statistics from hundreds of thousands of Ruckus Access Points (APs), providing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as upstream and downstream traffic, number of sessions, unique clients, or even the throughput customers can expect to achieve over periods of time on a per-AP basis, and filtered by time as well as a wide variety of other metrics.
Armed with such a vast repository of data and analytics, service providers can now quickly and easily determine, like never before, who is on their Wi-Fi network, what they are doing, when they are doing it, and from where. This can be extended to provide location-based analytics and application recognition, both of which will greatly enhance the value of this kind of technology. This real-time and historic data is analyzed by the Ruckus SCI and graphically displayed in an easy to understand format with a wide variety of views and customized reports. The data gathered by Ruckus SCI details essential network statistics such as traffic usage, client and session measurement, network changes, network latency, and inventory.
The Ruckus SCI makes use of a one step process that enables a quick, easy, and painless installation. The system can be deployed virtually anywhere within service providers’ infrastructures, integrating directly with existing OSS and BSS systems via northbound APIs.

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