Ruckus R770 WatchDog EndUser Support 3yr – SA 806-R770-3000


WATCHDOG EU SUPPORT SA R770 3 YR – RUCKUS R770 WI-FI 7 TRI-BAND CONCURRENT WIRELESS ACCESS POINT WITH 2X2 (2.4GHZ) – The Ruckus R770 Wi-Fi 7 access point the very first AI-driven, enterprise-grade, tri-band Wi-Fi 7 access point from a US-based major vendor.

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Ruckus R770 WatchDog EndUser Support 3yr – The Ruckus R770 Wi-Fi 7 access point the very first AI-driven, enterprise grade, tri band Wi-Fi 7 access point from a US-based major vendor. It’s powered by RUCKUS AI™, a cloud service designed to enhance Wi-Fi 7 network resilience and simplify network management.

The extreme speed, low latency, and reliability of the Ruckus R770 will deliver exceptional user experiences. It will also empower an entirely new class of advanced connected devices with demanding applications.

What is Wi-Fi 7 and should I care yet?

The 7th generation of Wi-Fi promises major improvements over Wi-Fi 6 and 6E. It could offer speeds up to four times faster. Wi-Fi 7 also includes clever advances to reduce latency, increase capacity, and boost stability and efficiency.


They’re impressive. The R770 combines the power of Wi-Fi 7 with RUCKUS patented RF technologies such as Beamflex+ and time tested RUCKUS AI for a far superior experience.

The Ruckus R770 is a tri-band concurrent indoor access point. It delivers 8 spatial streams (2×2:2 in 2.4GHz, 4×4:4 in 5GHz, 2×2:2 in 6GHz). It supports Wi-Fi 7 Multi-Link-Operation, Preamble Puncturing, 4K QAM and 320MHz channels. The R770 pushes an amazing combined data rate of 12.22 Gbps. Furthermore, a 10Gbps Ethernet port ensures the backhaul is not a bottleneck for full use of available Wi-Fi capacity.

The R770 is ideal for business travelers and leisure guests. In education, the technology supports a seamless learning environment, with greater capacity for online collaboration and virtual classes. High-density venues will experience fewer interruptions and faster speeds, benefiting attendees and operators alike. Multi-dwelling units will enjoy better reliability and security for remote workers and students.

The RUCKUS R770 is poised to change the world of enterprise class Wi-Fi. As you can already see, it delivers unprecedented speed, bandwidth, and reliability to meet the demands of all kinds of industries. And Corporate Armor is taking orders right now, so reach out heremailto:[email protected] or call 877-449-0458Ruckus R770 datasheet

Ruckus R770 WatchDog EndUser Support 3yr highlights

  • Combined data rate of 12.22 Gbps
  • 8 spatial streams
  • Amazing educational experiences that are digital first or digital only
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Exceptionally reliable and efficient networks with optimized IT operations
  • Recreational activities like gaming that demands fast, reliable, and low latency Wi-Fi


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