SanDisk 200GB LB206M Lightning Mixed-Use 6Gb/s SAS 2.5″ SSD, SLC, Up to 385MBs Throughput, 5 Year Warranty

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Fast Data Access, Custom-Designed for Transactional Applications Requiring Strong Read/Write Performance
Lightning mixed-use SAS SSDs use a SanDisk controller, based on a parallel processing architecture, to deliver tested and proven reliability. These SAS SSDs have been specifically designed for mission-critical, 24/7 applications with a typical workload comprised of a 70/30 read/write mix.

Collaborative workloads include email, messaging, and groupware. These workloads, such as Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange® and Linux-based groupware, allow end-users to share content and to coordinate with others. SanDisk flash memory promotes ease-of-use by reducing latency and smoothing out the customer experience—even if the amount of end-user updates ebbs and peaks throughout the work day.

Email and Messaging
Email messages have become essential parts of the official “records” for businesses and organizations. They must be maintained, with accuracy, for legal and compliance purposes. In everyday business, emails are the “glue” of daily business, allowing teams in many locations to collaborate on work projects. Flash storage delivers high-volume email updates safely and securely to their destinations, supporting the daily flow of business processes.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Databases
Databases supporting online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads, such as those used inside “integrated systems,” must keep pace with large amounts of data, as they are updated throughout the day, for 24/7 operations.

These databases must scale, and be reliable, preserving data as it is being written, and recording it for later analysis and use by the business. Accuracy and data integrity are key to these workloads and to their successful deployments across the organization. Often, they serve as the “databases of record” for many important enterprise applications.

Lightning Mixed-Use SAS SSDs preserve the data and supports the accuracy, reliability, and scalability of these databases as they are updated.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Lightning Mixed-Use SAS SSDs support hundreds of individual end-user “sessions” on a server instead of storing those sessions on local PCs. This approach protects enterprise data and ensures business continuity. Lightning Mixed-Use SAS SSDs avoid boot storms which often slow VDI response times when large numbers of end-users start up their personal-desktop applications in a VDI environment.

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