SonicWall Analytics (Syslog) subscription license 02-SSC-9767

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SonicWall Analytics (Syslog) – Subscription license (3 years) – for NSa 4700

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SonicWall Analytics (Syslog) – Subscription license (3 years) – for NSa 4700

SonicWall Analytics provides an eagle-eye view into everything that is happening inside the SonicWall network security environment – all through a single pane of glass. At its core is a powerful, intelligence-driven analytic engine that automates the aggregation, normalization, correlation and contextualization of security data flowing across all SonicWall firewalls and wireless access points. The application’s interactive dashboard uses various forms of time-use charts and tables to create knowledge representations of the data models.
Analytics presents results in a meaningful, actionable and easily consumable manner. This empowers security teams, analysts, auditors, boards and C-suites to discover, interpret, prioritize, make evidence-based decisions, and take appropriate defensive and corrective actions against risks and threats as they unfold in the discovery process.
Analytics provides stakeholders with real-time insights and single-pane visibility, authority and flexibility. As a result, they can perform deep drill-down investigative and forensic analysis of network traffic, user access, connectivity, applications and utilization, state of security assets, security events, threat profiles and other firewall-related data.

Key Selling Points
Get single-pane visibility and complete situational awareness of the network security environment
Have complete authority and flexibility to perform deep investigative and forensic analysis
Gain deeper knowledge and understanding of potential and real risks and threats
Remediate risks with greater clarity, certainty and speed
Reduce incident response time with real-time, actionable threat intelligence

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