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SonicWall Gold Support – 1 Year Extended Service – Service
Gives you complete peace of mind and confidence in your results.
New Releases Update service included to resolve your problems.

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SonicWall Gold Support – 1 Year Extended Service – Service
Survival of the fittest still applies

We don’t mean to be alarmists, but your network is under siege. There are thousands of well-known threats to your network already in existence, and new ones are launched every day. To keep your network safe, your security and data protection solutions have to be every bit as dynamic as the threats they’re guarding against.

That’s where SonicWall™ network security and data protection solutions and ongoing services come in. With them, your network will be protected against the ever-changing world of cyber crime. And our wide range of services can be tailored to suit your unique needs, helping you prepare, manage and update your network security infrastructure.

The range of services includes:

  • SonicWall Dynamic, Silver, E-Class and Gold Support Services
  • SonicWall Premium Support Services
  • SonicWall Professional Services

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