Sophos Intercept X Advanced for 25-49 Users – 1 Year (Must Purchase a Minimum Qty. of 25)


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Sophos Intercept X Advanced

The Intercept X platform merges technologies such as deep learning, AI and endpoint detection and response to provide holistic endpoint security. It works for Mac and Windows personal computers (PCs) as well as servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based IT infrastructure. It also protects mobile devices using Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems.

Intercept X Advanced has a very robust suite of preventative security features in all of it’s iterations. For example, you gat Application Control, Deep-Learning Malware Detection, DLP, IPS, Safe Browsing, Exploit Prevention, and so on. It is a very defensive, reactive feature set.

But wait, there’s more…

Over time, Intercept X has added other flavors, such as EDR (now XDR), and MTR. In a nutshell, Intercept X with EDR introduced several “Detect and Investigate” features. XDR now takes these capabilities even further. MTR (Mitigated Threat Response) has a managed service component. In other words, you have more outside expertise at your disposal. Things like 24/7 Lead-Driven Threat Hunting, Threat Neutralization and Remediation, and Data Retention. Intercept X Advanced is just the beginning! Check out the other Intercept X versions here!

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The whole Intercept X family of products covers a wide range of medium-to-large business use cases. This is a serious product that offers a huge buffet line of features depending on your needs and your abilities to take advantage of them.

It offers fully integrated Endpoint Detection Response, good policy control, and excellent detection and anti-exploit functionality. It’s also capable of protecting both of the main desktop operating systems as well as mobile device platforms.

Features worth mentioning

One of the most useful features of Intercept X Advanced is root cause analysis. It’s great to say that your systems are protected, but it’s often more useful to know how and why an attack happened. This can help with not only protecting your systems in the future, but also educating users on what they should or shouldn’t do.

Aside from malware protection, Sophos Intercept X Advanced is also a great anti-ransomware tool. It brings an excellent combination of deep learning and exploit detection to this particular problem. As a result, it can quickly and easily figure out whether a piece of software is up to mischief. It also employs a feature called CryptoGuard to automatically recover any damaged files and protect against ransomware encryption attempts.

Features of Intercept X Advanced

  • Powerful threat protection
  • Root cause analysis
  • Surprisingly priced
  • Effective against known and unknown threats



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