Sophos Web Protection Suite 1 Year Subscription Per User Pricing (5-9 Users) – (Must purchase a minimum of 5 licenses)

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This product has been discontinued.


The Sophos Web Protection Suite includes: Endpoint Protection – Advanced [Antivirus, Live Protection, Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), Client Firewall, Application Control, Device Control, Web Filtering, DLP, Patch Assessment, multiple platform support (Windows/Mac/Virtual/EMC/Linux/UNIX), virtualization optimization, Sophos for Network Storage, and Sophos Protection for Microsoft Exchange (AV/AS/content), Web Protection – Advanced [Sophos Web Appliance subscription (appliance sold separately) and Virtual Web appliance. Managed by SEC (Sophos Enterprise Console). Home use included.

Complete web protection everywhere

  • Combines the best of our endpoint, mobile, cloud, and gateway in a single license
  • Uses the endpoint to scan for web threats wherever users go
  • Provides you full visibility into user activity no matter where they are
  • Enforce a different policy for offsite users and onsite users
  • Keep everything connected through our LiveConnect cloud service
  • Eliminate compromises you’ve been living with for years
  • Forget about backhauling, VPNs, additional endpoint software or big iron appliances
  • Get easy deployment and switching tools
  • Backed by our SophosLabs global security experts and the best support in the industry
  • Take advantage of our support any time of day, should you need it

You’re safer in our world because we provide proven, comprehensive protection that fits your security budget. Our Enduser Web Suite integrates the best of our Web Appliances and Enduser Protection to give you complete web protection everywhere users go, and help you consolidate your IT security vendors and budget. We eliminate the cost and complexity associated with backhauling, VPNs or additional services or software. No separate deployment needed—it's an all-in-one product.

Ideal for . . . Sophos Enduser Web Suite is ideal for organizations of any size needing complete web protection. Protect your users everywhere they go. It's simple to manage and affordable.

All in one license – One license includes complete web and threat protection across all platforms, plus 24/7 support and free updates.

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