Startech .com 2m USB to Type M Barrel CableUSB to 5.5mm 5V DC CableCharge your 5V DC devices from your computer through a USB 2.0 port… USB2TYPEM2M

Please request a quote 2m USB to Type M Barrel Cable – USB to 5.5mm 5V DC Cable
Lets you change the endpoint of a plug.
With 5 V DC cord, never run out of power and keep your device operational at all times.
Guaranteed reliability.

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Description 2m USB to Type M Barrel Cable – USB to 5.5mm 5V DC Cable

Tired of having to carry around a separate wall adapter in order to power or charge your 5V devices, such as certain external hard drives, streaming media players, and Bluetooth® speakers?

This 2m USB power cable makes it easier to power 5V DC devices that have a Type M (OD: 5.5mm, ID:2.1mm) barrel power connector. You can power or charge the devices through an available USB port on your laptop or desktop computer.

Expertly designed and constructed of high-quality materials, the USB2TYPEM2M power cable is backed by our lifetime warranty.

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Dimensions 6.40 × 4.40 × 0.50 in