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Please request a quote 3 ft 1m USB C to eSATA Cable – For External Storage Devices with HDD / SSD / ODD – USB 3.0 to eSATA Cable (5Gbps) – USB Type C to eSATA
Easily connect eSATA supported devices to transfer and store your movies, music, photos, and documents.
This Data Transfer Cable provides splendid performance and clear connectivity.
Quickly access eSATA external storage devices with an SSD, HDD or ODD drive from a USB-C computer.
Perform drive management tasks.
Set up in a lab, at a desk or out in the field.
Save setup time with plug-and-play installation.
Compatible with SATA I, II and III which supports data transfer rates up to 6Gbps.
Backward compatible with USB 2.0.

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Description 3 ft 1m USB C to eSATA Cable – For External Storage Devices with HDD / SSD / ODD – USB 3.0 to eSATA Cable (5Gbps) – USB Type C to eSATA

This USB-C™ to eSATA cable is an external drive adapter that gives you quick and easy access to an eSATA storage device through the USB-C or Thunderbolt™ 3 port on your laptop.

Connect an Optical Disk Drive to Your Laptop

Even if your laptop doesn’t have eSATA ports, the USB 3.0 to eSATA cable makes it easy to connect it to an external storage device. The cable supports connections to standard SATA hard drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD).

The cable also supports connections to optical drives (ODD), enabling you to connect a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive to your laptop.

Efficiently Perform Drive-Management Tasks

The cable supports eSATA commands and functions such as SMART self-monitoring. It’s also compatible with eSATA drive management hardware and software, such as backup utility software.

When connected to a storage device housing HDD or SSD drives, the USB-C to eSATA cable lets IT professionals connect to drives for:

  • Data recovery
  • Repairing failing drives
  • Re-using or re-purposing old drives
  • Running drive diagnostics
  • Disk imaging
  • Backing up and archiving drives to prevent data loss
  • Transferring content between the drive and the laptop

The 1-meter cable lets you set up anywhere, enabling you to perform any one of these tasks in a lab, at someone’s desk or out in the field. With plug-and-play installation, it’s easy to connect on any operating system, without any extra software to install.

USB3C2ESAT3 is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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