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Please request a quote 3 ft. CAT6 Cable – 10 Pack – BlueCAT6 Patch Cable – Snagless RJ45 Connectors – Category 6 Cable – 24 AWG (N6PATCH3BL10PK)
Features Corrosion Resistant.
Allows you to access all of the networked data, swiftly and securely.
Features Category 6 cable type.
Protect your network and equipment with 100% copper wire CAT6 cables.
Each patch CAT6 cable is tested to comply with ANSI/TIA 568 C.2 CAT6 requirements.
RJ45 connector-clip protectors eliminate cable snags and breaks during installation.
50-micron gold-plated connectors for a clear signal.
Convenient solution for businesses in need of multiple CAT6 networking cables.

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Description 3 ft. CAT6 Cable – 10 Pack – BlueCAT6 Patch Cable – Snagless RJ45 Connectors – Category 6 Cable – 24 AWG (N6PATCH3BL10PK)

This CAT6 Ethernet cable bulk pack meets all Category 6 cable specifications, to deliver a reliable Gigabit network connection.

Protect Your Equipment

These CAT6 patch cables are built using 100% copper wire and are tested to comply with ANSI/TIA 568 C.2 Category 6 requirements. We don’t use copper-clad aluminum (CCA) wire, which is subject to problems like weak power delivery, heat buildup, equipment damage and possibly fire.

The 50-micron gold connectors deliver optimum conductivity and eliminate signal loss due to oxidation or corrosion.

High-Quality Construction

Each CAT6 cable is manufactured using high-quality copper conductors and carefully constructed and tested to keep Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) well within acceptable limits. The patch cables are constructed with 24 AWG copper wire, to ensure peak performance for demanding Ethernet applications such as Power-over-Ethernet and 4K or 1080p video streaming.

Easily Install Your Network Cables

For trouble-free cable runs, these durable cables feature snagless connectors that protect the RJ45 clips during installation, making them less likely to snag or break.

N6PATCH3BL10PK is backed by a lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability.

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Dimensions 300.00 × 250.00 × 50.00 in