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Please request a quote 5m Fiber Optic Cable – Multimode Duplex 50/125 – LSZH – LC/SC – OM2 – LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable
Features Halogen Free.
Allows you to access all of the networked data, swiftly and securely.
Features Fiber Optic cable type.
Fully compatible with network devices.
LSZH-rated cable, suitable for installations under restrictive building codes.
High-speed, high bandwidth transmissions over Gigabit Ethernet/fiber channel networks.
Resistant to pulls, strains, and impacts during your cable installations and maintenance.

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Description 5m Fiber Optic Cable – Multimode Duplex 50/125 – LSZH – LC/SC – OM2 – LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable

Connect fiber network devices for high-speed transfers using this Duplex 50/125 (OM2) Multimode Fiber Patch Cable. It features 50/125 micron fiber for high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmissions over Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel networks with support for duplex multimode applications. Maximum data-transfer rate is 10Gbps. This LC to SC patch cable is housed in a LSZH (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) flame-retardant jacket, to ensure minimal smoke, toxicity and corrosion when exposed to high sources of heat in the event of a fire. Use in industrial settings, central offices and schools as well as residential settings where building codes are a consideration. Patch cable is individually tested and certified to be within acceptable optical insertion loss limits for guaranteed compatibility and 100 reliability.

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 220.00 × 203.00 × 25.00 in