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$510.14 HDMI over IP Extender Kit with Video Wall Support – 1080p – HDMI over Cat5 / Cat6 Transmitter and Receiver Kit (ST12MHDLAN2K)
Scalable video distribution system extends your HDMI video signal and RS232 control to one or multiple displays.
Create stunning video walls easily using a single or multiple video source with multiple receivers.
Manage and control your digital signage with the intuitive mobile app.
Crystal-clear picture quality, video resolutions up to 1080p.
Tidy, professional installation with included mounting hardware.

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Description HDMI over IP Extender Kit with Video Wall Support – 1080p – HDMI over Cat5 / Cat6 Transmitter and Receiver Kit (ST12MHDLAN2K)

ThisHDMIover IP extenderkitdistributesvideoto a remote location,overyour local area network (LAN) andCat5orCat6Ethernetcabling.Bycombining this kit withadditional receivers(sold separately)and anEthernet switch (sold separately)you can distributeanHDMIsourceto multiplelocationsandcreatevideo wallsusingseveral remote displays and receivers in the same location.

You canalsouse multiple transmitters on the same networktodistributedifferent videosourcesorconnect the transmitterdirectlyto a receiveratup to 330 ft. (100 m), in a point-to-pointsetup.Remotecontrolofserial devicesis supportedthroughRS-232 extension.

Resolutionsupto 1080p,with Audio

With support forvideo resolutionsup to 1080p(1920x1080at60Hz),the transmitteralsosupports digital andanalog audio to the receiver and analog audio from the receiver to the transmitter.

Mobile ControlThrough aFreeApp

The kit includesan easy-to-useonlineapp to manageyourIPvideodistribution.

Theappis available on iOS foraniPhone or iPad, Android forasmartphone or tablet, and Google Chrome browser foradesktop.

Download the Video Control software to manage your IP video distribution.

NOTE: Your router must support IGMP snooping. Please refer to your network switch or router documentation to ensure IGMP snooping is supported and enabled.

Hassle-Free Installations

TheHDMI transmitter/receiver kitincludes optionalshelf-mountinghardware.ItusesCat5e orCat6cablesandworkswithexisting networkinfrastructures,eliminatingthe expenseof runningproprietarycables.

ST12MHDLAN2Kis backed by a 2-year warranty and freelifetime technical support.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 370.00 × 240.00 × 80.00 in