Vertiv AVOCENT Rackmount Power Supply (RMPSU)Rack Mount12 V DC Output92% Efficiency RMPSU2-PS


AVOCENT Rackmount Power Supply (RMPSU)

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AVOCENT Rackmount Power Supply (RMPSU)
Low-voltage devices, like the Avocent® HMX and Avocent® LV Extender, often require the use of external power supplies for operation. Avocent® power supplies provide great reliability and efficiency, but when IT infrastructures require flexibility coupled with the highest levels of efficiency, the Avocent® RMPSU delivers.

The Avocent RMPSU increases reliability while providing economies of scale and convenience that aren’t possible with external power supplies.

Consolidate for More Efficient Power Distribution

Power integrity, safety and management are core elements of the RMPSU system. At start up, the RMPSU checks the status of the power module(s). It then enables each of the power outputs in sequence to reduce the instantaneous load on the power modules.

After start up each power output is protected by overlapping safety features that guard against excess demand by any connected device. Additionally,

the RMPSU can be controlled and monitored via a web interface. Temperature, fan speeds and individual current measurements are viewable and each output can be individually controlled. The RMPSU features either one, or two, hot-swappable switched mode 460W power modules. A single power module is rated at 500,000 hours MTBF and can easily meet the needs of sixteen ports. However, in situations where redundancy is required, a second power module is available. With two power modules, the normal load will be intelligently balanced; with the full power load transferring immediately to the healthy module should one of the modules cease operation.

Ready for Change

Whether, the requirement is adding new capability or optimizing current space in the rack, the RMPSU makes it easy to add or relocate systems without the need to manage external power supplies. Each RMPSU can support up to 8 or 16 devices. All power outputs feature a locking connector to guard against accidental disconnection and provides a maximum of 20W at 12V.

The Avocent® Rackmount Power Supply (RMPSU) is a perfect solution for organizations that need to reduce power usage, increase flexibility and optimize precious rack real estate

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