Vertiv Cybex SCKM145 Secure KM Switch4-Port, Secure KM, Keyboard and Mouse with DPP (Dedicated Peripheral Port) SCKM145-001

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Cybex SCKM145 Secure KM Switch
Quickly switches between sources without physical access.
Get reliable connectivity between 4 computers and 1 local users.
Designed to be used as a desktop device.

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Cybex SCKM145 Secure KM Switch
The Cybex SCKM145 secure desktop KM is designed to meet the stringent specifications of the U.S. government and comply with the requirements of the latest NAIP protection profile for peripheral sharing devices version 3.0. The SCKM145 delivers proven security features such as unidirectional data diode technology, which assures complete network isolation while offering user-friendly, easy switching between sources. A Dedicated Peripheral Port permits a secure connection to external USB devices, including CAC smart card readers, fingerprint readers and face recognition devices. Patented emulation technology prevents Display Data Channel (DDC) signal leakage; and guards against signal attacks.

Industry-leading security features are complemented with a range of capabilities designed to support users who need to interact with multiple computer systems and peripherals simultaneously. The KM allows users to view information on up to four different systems at once. Each system can support up to four connected displays for a total of up sixteen monitors. With Cursor Navigation Switching the user can interact with each system by simply moving the cursor from one display to another. Additional usability features include, zero delay switching between connected sources and flexible assignment of audio devices.

The Cybex SCKM145 delivers strong, effective security management and productivity features designed to:

Tightly control system and network access
Deliver transparent security that does not impede user productivity is a cost-effective productivity
Reduce cost with access to multiple systems using a single keyboard and mouse.
Simplify work by enabling seamless interaction between systems.

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