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VERTIV Environet Alert Data Center Monitoring Server License – License
Enjoy all the features of this software by purchasing it with Business-to-Business pricing.
Install the product on PC with few easy steps and experience all the features offered by this awesome product.
Save time with simplified device setup, management and monitoring..
Manage both Vertiv and non-Vertiv SNMP devices with no additional cost..
With a new user interface, create your own views using the data you need, in the way that you want..
It is easily expandable and upgradable across devices and locations to support your growing business..
With open API, connect to remote DCIM and building management systems for improved data visibility..

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VERTIV Environet Alert Data Center Monitoring Server License – License

Vertiv Environet Alert data center monitoring software is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and industries with edge sites and remote offices. It offers real-time monitoring, alerts and reports to protect critical power and cooling devices from performance issues, increased costs and downtime. Its simplified setup improves visibility of your Vertiv and non-Vertiv SNMP devices such as networked UPS systems, rack PDUs, in-row coolers and environmental sensors. Its modern user interface allows you to customize viewing to fit your needs and preferences. It is easy to deploy and scale up to thousands of devices and across multiple sites as you grow your business. Identify and address threats before they harm operations. Environet Alert Server License (ENVA-Server) grants (1) server license to be applied to customer-furnished server.

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