Vertiv Geist RDPS Door Position SensorDoor Mount for Door, Data Center, Server Room, PDU, Environmental Control System, Cabinet1 / Box RDPS


Vertiv Geist RDPS Door Position Sensor
Connects to a Vertiv Geist Environmental Monitor or rPDU via Dry Contact/ 0-5V input or A2D..
Receive alerts via email, SMS, or SNMP traps for abnormal environmental conditions from the connected Rack PDU..
A cost-effective method to monitor access doors or cabinets that should remain closed..
Sensors can be wired in series to reduce the number of inputs required..

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Vertiv Geist RDPS Door Position Sensor
Vertiv Geist RDPS is a magnetic normally-closed dry-contact sensor used to monitor remote door position. Includes 30ft / 9m cable.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 175.00 × 160.00 × 85.00 in