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Liebert Pro Refresh Plus with LIFE Service – 2 Year – Service
Keeps your system optimally maintained with a predictable total cost of ownership.
On-site support provides fast and easy approach to solve the issues.
Features Health Check service that helps you handle any mishaps.

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Liebert Pro Refresh Plus with LIFE Service – 2 Year – Service
UPS Refresh

Our Pro Refresh service level is also for any age of Liebert GXT 3, 4 or PSI, but it eliminates the challenges you face in small or remote IT site management. It is hassle-free because Vertiv does all the work. With the Pro Refresh level, you get the battery pack with installation and checkup by our factory-authorized technicians. We remove spent batteries and ensure disposal and recycling that is in accordance with all government and industry regulations. This includes the management of any regulatory paperwork you may require.

With the Pro Refresh Plus level, you also get a two-year services contract on Liebert GXT 3, 4 or PSI units that are up to six years old. This contract offers 24×7 emergency response with 100 percent coverage of travel, parts, and labor including a failed battery replacement. It also includes LIFE™ Services for continuous monitoring and data analysis by our remote system engineers, giving you additional power protection from our equipment and service experts.

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