Vertiv Liebert PSI5 UPS1500VA/1350W Line Interactive, Rack/Tower, with NIC2U Tower/Rack ConvertibleAVR4 Hour Recharge6 Mi… PSI5-1500RT120N

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Vertiv Liebert PSI5 UPS – 1500VA/1350W Line Interactive, Rack/Tower, with NIC
Works adequately in situations where the supply is prone to sags and surges.
Keep your sensitive devices powered with a backup of up to 4 minute at full load.
CONTAINS IS-UNITY-SNMP: Web access, environmental sensor data, and third-party customer protocols for Vertiv equipment.
6 SURGE/BATTERY BACKUP OUTLETS: 6 battery backup/surge protection outlets, 2-year warranty, compact 2U rack mount/tower convertible configuration, and controllable outlet groups to allow load shedding on battery.
1 GROUP OF PROGRAMMABLE OUTLETS: Provides ability to cycle power remotely for connected equipment and turn off non-critical equipment to extend battery run time of critical load.
AVR LINE INTERACTIVE: buck/boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology protects against utility power fluctuation without battery operation, prolonging battery life.
ROTATABLE LCD DISPLAY: Allows users to view real-time conditions, alarm notices, and runtime informations; All Liebert UNITY network communications cards come integrated within the unit.

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Vertiv Liebert PSI5 UPS – 1500VA/1350W Line Interactive, Rack/Tower, with NIC
The Vertiv Liebert PSI5 UPS, 1500VA 1350W, is designed to support and safeguard media closets, small racks, active power factor correction (PFC) power supplies, conventional power supplies and other critical electronics. This Smart UPS provides reliable protection from power disturbances for smart automation systems, computers, high-end gaming PCs/consoles, entertainment centers, cash registers and other equipment that is part of schools, healthcare facilities and other edge businesses. With up to 12 minutes of battery backup time at half load and 4 minutes at full load, this reliable system allows ample time for an orderly shutdown during a power outage. A rotating LCD display makes the readout easy to see in both rack and tower configurations providing real time information regarding the smart UPS status and operating conditions. Vertiv backs the Liebert PSI5 UPS with a 2-year, no hassle, advanced replacement warranty to ensure simple UPS replacement. Includes Liebert Network Communication Interface Card (IS-UNITY-SNMP)

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Weight 62.6 lbs
Dimensions 20.00 × 17.20 × 3.50 in