Vertiv Summit VIM1-SummitStack512, 4 x 128G stacking ports for 512Gbps cross connecting two Summit X650 switches


Geist SPFAN104-10 10-Outlets PDU
With PDUs decisions for load balancing and minimizing extra cost can be managed.
Monitor load level efficiently with PDU meter.

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Stackable Switches
Extreme Networks® offers a number of switches for aggregation and edge applications, many of which are capable of stacking with SummitStack™ technology. There are several options available to meet the demanding requirements of your network.

Within the range of the Summit® product line, we offer switches designed to support the evolving applications of a converged network with exceptional Quality of Service, low latency, resiliency, line rate performance and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Summit switches offer various critical capabilities, from Top-of-Rack server aggregation switch, processing packets between core and edge switches, providing high availability, control and simplified management of your entire network with ExtremeXOS®, to providing high density gigabit PoE to the desktop in a network running ExtremeXOS from the core to the edge, including 10/100 Layer 2/Layer 3 intelligent switching for advanced IP services. Summit switches are designed to meet the performance and availability requirements of today’s high-performance converged networks.


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