Wasp Barcode Inventory Control Software – Inventory Tracking Solution with WWS550i & WPL305 (1 User)

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Ideal for business owners that want an affordable inventory control solution, this combination features Wasp Inventory Control software, WWS550i cordless barcode scanner, and WPL305 barcode printer.

Wasp Inventory Control software makes accurately managing inventory simple and intuitive. Load the software on a PC, and install the WWS550i scanner through the PC’s USB port. Use the WWS550i to scan barcodes, rapidly adding data to the Inventory Control database. The WLP305 barcode printer delivers the ability to print inventory tags, product barcode labels, and barcode shipping labels.

The Complete Barcode Solution is supported by Wasp, so you are assured that everything works together right from the start.

The WWS550i Freedom barcode scanner gives you the freedom to roam, without the tangle of cords. Wireless connectivity allows the WWS550i to communicate data from up to 160’ away (line of sight) from a PC or 30’ away from a mobile device. Easily integrate the WWS550i with Android™ or iOS® devices, including the iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®. Ideal for scanning bulky items or products that are difficult to move, the WWS550i offers durable construction and a CCD long range scan engine for the ability to scan barcodes up to 12” away.

WPL305 Barcode Printer
The WPL305 desktop barcode printer offers direct thermal and thermal transfer technology in a compact footprint. Create long-lasting asset tags and location labels to improve asset tracking efficiency. Featuring USB, serial and parallel connectivity, the WPL305 offers easy installation. User-friendly clamshell design makes it simple to load and change media and ribbons.

Inventory Control Software
Get in control of your inventory with Wasp Inventory Control – the complete inventory tracking solution for small businesses. Increase the value of your business, satisfy your customers and create more freedom in your life with Inventory Control.

Engineered to improve efficiency and profitability, Wasp Inventory Control provides the capabilities you need to accurately track inventory, without the complexity or expense of an enterprise solution. Easy. Efficient. Affordable.

Ideal for businesses ranging from individual contractors to larger operations with multiple locations, Inventory Control delivers advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use format. Inventory Control is recommended for:

  • Warehouses
  • Light manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Retailers
  • Stock rooms & supply closets
  • Inventory-carrying trucks, ships or containers
  • Installation contractors or any business that buys, stocks and sells parts and products

Inventory Control allows you to define multiple sites (including a warehouse, stock room, or supply closet) with multiple locations (a bin, shelf, or even a pallet within the location). It’s simple to track your inventory by location, serial number, lot or any combination of the numerous ‘track-bys’.

Easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory Control. Print barcode labels or inventory tags using data from the Inventory Control database. Attach barcode labels to inventory items, physical locations or pallets to quickly improve efficiency.

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