Avast vs Malwarebytes!

In order to protect your computers and smartphones from viruses and other cyber threats, antivirus software is your best defense. And the simple fact is, paid software offers the most advanced and automated defense against malware, ransomware and other advanced attacks. ‘Avast vs Malwarebytes’ is about helping you to make an informed decision between two good, but somewhat different, choices.

Both are very good performers and well-known quantities. And both offer basic protection for free as well as more robust paid plans that do all of the work for you in the background. Both can keep your devices safe from a variety of security threats, and offer solid free versions.

To start with, Avast is a huge player in antivirus. They already protect around 425 million consumers worldwide.

Avast Antivirus is an extremely easy-to-use hosted endpoint protection product. That’s partly because it’s an easily deployed cloud service. But it’s also just a simpler product than the full-on EDR solutions like Sophos Intercept X. Avast does a good job covering all the bases most small businesses need, and it also throws in a VPN service, Sandbox browser, and data shredder.

Comparing features

Malwarebytes offers consumers and businesses protection from viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks as well as malware. They also offer an Essential plan that includes automatic virus and malware protection, scheduled scans, monthly reports and a browser extension with ad and tracking blockers and malicious websites protection. The Premium Plan also gives you a VPN from over 400 servers in more than 30 countries to improve your online privacy and encrypted Wi-Fi security.

The Avast Premium plan adds Wi-Fi network security verification, advanced protection from fake and unsafe websites and stops hackers from remotely taking over your computer or device. Their Ultimate plan offers a VPN that uses bank-grade encryption from servers around the world and a smart mode that automatically activates the VPN when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. You also get a suite of tools that clean your computer of junk files and optimize its performance with custom maintenance schedules.

And Avast Ultimate offers robust ad and data tracking protection by hiding your online identity and activity.


As mentioned, both offer a freemium version. Both scan for active attacks, but Avast comes ahead with real-time scanning versus Malwarebytes’ manual scan.

Both also offer advanced security through paid plans, including a one-click VPN and Wi-Fi security validation. They also feature protection for smart devices and computers. However, Avast also throws in computer cleaning and performance optimization tools in its highest-priced plan. It still still comes in less expensive per than Malwarebytes’ top plan.

Avast appears to be the best set of features for the money. Not only that, you can also protect up to 10 devices rather than just five. Plus, you get a generous 60-day free trial of its Premium plan, whereas Malwarebytes gives you 14 days.

Avast vs Malwarebytes: conclusion

Avast is easier to use and more intuitive than Malwarebytes, offering a highly visual and simplified dashboard. The software also offers real-time threat protection and removal with its free plan rather than forcing you to perform a manual scan. Avast also ranked high on our list for the overall best antivirus software on the market

Lastly, Avast is easier to use and more intuitive than Malwarebytes. It has a highly intuitive and simple dashboard. It also offers real-time threat protection and removal with its free plan. That’s better thanhaving to perform a manual scan. Avast also ranks highly among the best antivirus software on the market. It excels at being an easy solution to manage. This could be a huge selling point for organizations that lack the IT savvy needed to handle complex administrative tasks. Corporate Armor would love to answer any questions you ay have, and save you money on your next antivirus solution. So email us, or call 877-449-0458.