Cradlepoint E3000 Wi-Fi 6 router – NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials Plan, Advanced Plan and E3000 router with WiFi (1200 Mbps modem)

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Cradlepoint is already on to their second-generation 5G solutions. This article will deal with the 5G ready Cradlepoint E3000 Wi-Fi 6 router.

The E3000 series was introduced in 2020, as a 5G-Optimized router. The way Cradlepoint says it, their endpoints provide industry-leading, Gigabit-Class LTE as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The E3000 has the ports, interfaces, and software to make it optimized for 5G.

The thing is, the original E3000 does use 4G LTE as its internet connection. So what is “5G-Optimized”? A 5G-optimized device has things like a 5G-specific modem, a larger battery and faster, more powerful processors to support the more data-heavy tasks enabled by using 5G. The E3000 Series is 5G-ready with a choice of high-speed fiber and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet WAN ports. And, it has an expansion slot for a second, field-upgradable modem. It supports PoE and Captive Modem technology to connect Cradlepoint Wideband 5G Adapters easily.

And the new Cradlepoint E3000 5G Enterprise adds an embedded 5G modem.

Performance of the Cradlepoint E3000 Wi-Fi 6 router

The E3000 has a dual-band concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi router, with Wi-Fi 6 LAN connectivity. It has Cat 18, GbE, SFP+ WAN connectivity. It carries 2 internal Wi-Fi antennas, and has 4×4 MIMO support.

The Cradlepont E3000 also has IPS Throughput of 1.5 Gbps, and IPSec Throughput of 400 Mbps. Additionally, it pushes 2.3 Gbps of Firewall Throughput, and has a client count of 100. It is PoE ready, as well.

This device is very suitable for high-traffic pop-up sites like quarantine centers, small clinics, and treatment facilities. Obviously, it’s a very appropriate technology for a post-COVID-19 world. It’s also great for sites and traditional branches where wireless WAN connectivity is necessary. The E3000 Router makes it easy to connect to the Internet and critical applications from anywhere. It’s also excellent for powering surveillance cameras, access points, manager’s PCs, and so on.

NetCloud IoT Package

The E3000 is sold as a package with a cloud-based plan called NetCloud. It is a secure, cloud-based networking plan built for Internet of Things and machine-to-machine uses. It’s similar to the bundles that firewalls often come with. This cloud-based service adds greatly to the features and capabilities of your E3000. For example, NetCloud offers secure, cloud-based management and control of your E3000. Netcloud is available in one, three, and five-year software subscriptions that include 24×7 support.

In conclusion, if you need to provide wired networking and powerful Wi-Fi to an entire remote office, or you need a second dedicated cellular modem for instant failover – the E3000 might be worth a look. It is perfect for the most demanding mobile users.

If you have any further questions about the E3000, Wi-Fi, LTE, or anything else, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458.

Highlights of the Cradlepoint E3000

  • IPS Throughput of 1.5 Gbps
  • 2.3 Gbps of Firewall Throughput
  •  Supports up to 248 connected devices
  • Wi-Fi 6 LAN connectivity


Cradlepoint E3000 datasheet



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