Sophos XG 105 firewall appliance

Sophos XG 105

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The Sophos XG 105 firewall offers an excellent price-to-performance value, which makes it perfect for small businesses or branch office scenarios of up to 15 users. They are available with integrated wireless, so you can combine WiFi and security into a single piece of hardware. And, you can also add external access points. The XG105 is powered by the speed and efficiency of Intel’s multi-core technology, packed into a very small form factor. These models come equipped with 4 GbE copper ports and 1 x SFP. Max throughput is rated at 3.5 Gbps.

XG 105 features

With the XG series you get firewall, IPS, application security, wireless gateway and advanced threat protection all-in-one. There are offerings within the XG family to suit practically need. And all this functionality comes together in a unique and user-friendly way. Even product documentation and peripherals are collated creatively on the Sophos site. There is an extensive collection of very targeted articles and instructions that are a nice alternative to the usual mind-numbing, almost eternal manuals you are probably used to. Sophos also has a very good help portal which includes a knowledge base and FAQs. Ease of use plus quick access to assistance will make you feeling very well-cared for.

Please explain licensing and why it is necessary

Sophos offers a lot of licensing options, which can be confusing. Think of these licenses, or “software subscriptions,” as feature sets. All XG firewalls come with a free, perpetual base license. This license covers network firewall, SSL and IPSec VPN, and wireless protection such as hotspot support. The other licensing options simply build on the capabilities of the base license. They add weapons to your firewall’s defensive arsenal, to be able to repulse more kinds of threats.

The basics

Sophos’ licensing model offers four Guard packages: FullGuard, FullGuard Plus, EnterpriseGuard, and EnterpriseGuard Plus. These four packages are software only, and so are purchased as upgrades or renewals for a firewall you already have.

FullGuard/FullGuard Plus combine all the core licenses in one cost-effective subscription for complete security: Essential Firewall, Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Wireless Protection and Web Server Protection, and tech support. In addition, FullGuard Plus also has Sandstorm Protection. It is the best level of protection Sophos offers.

EnterpriseGuard features network protection, web protection and enhanced support. This is great choice for smaller “enterprises” or those that need a lower level of asset protection.

EnterpriseGuard Plus is the same as EnterpriseGuard, but withSandstorm protection.

Finally, there’s EnterpriseProtect, EnterpriseProtect Plus, TotalProtect and TotalProtect Plus: Basically these four Protect bundles include the firewall, too. This is the perfect way to order a new firewall, whether a physical or virtual one. These bundles give you pretty much everything you need in one easy-to-manage license.

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Sophos XG 105 Accessories

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