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Aruba 7280 mobility controller

The Aruba 7280 mobility controller is part of Aruba’s 7200 Series. These are Aruba’s next step up from the 7000 series. It consists of the 7205, 7210, 7220, 7240XM, and 7280.

Controllers improve security, even thought they are not themselves security appliances.They do this with Aruba’s Policy Enforcement Firewall. This is a next-generation role-based user, device and application firewall. It provides automated Dynamic Segmentation for wireless and wired access security in any Aruba environment. It’s available through Mobility Controllers, Gateways and APs in Instant mode.

The PEF enforces policies based on user role, device type, application, and location. And simplifies and secures wired and wireless network access. Traffic is put in GRE tunnels for complete encryption all the way from an AP or switch.

Some of what the Aruba 7280 mobility controller does

Controllers also improve client roaming, and general utilization. For example, in a difficult environment that requires 24/7 mission-critical connectivity, Aruba’s AI-wireless technology integrates right into the ArubaOS. The same OS used by all Aruba devices. And that means everything’s talking the same language.

Adaptive Radio Management, AirMatch and ClientMatch (now enhanced with Wi-Fi 6 grouping) provide RF optimization. This improves user experience and network health based on changing environmental conditions. It also corrects for noisy or congested RF and resolves sticky client issues during user roaming. RFProtect provides advanced spectrum analysis and wireless intrusion protection (WIPS/WIDS). This helps identify and mitigate Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference, and contains potential security risks. So the mobility controller is sort of the mastermind of a self-monitoring, self-healing network.

Aruba 7280 – Mobility Controller w/ 8x SFP+ ports

More on the Aruba 7280

Do you find yourself managing multiple WAN connections? The 7200 Series can connect to Aruba’s SD-WAN fabric right out of the box. And, Aruba’s integration with Microsoft can detect Microsoft 365, Teams and Skype for Business traffic. Then, it prioritizes them over less critical applications. Through management interfaces on ArubaOS, Aruba Central, and Aruba AirWave, call quality metrics such as MOS, latency, jitter, and packet loss can be visualized for additional insights.


The Aruba 7280 delivers 100 Gbps of Firewall Throughput, 100 Gbps of Wired Bridged Throughput, and 57 Gbps of encrypted throughput (3DES).

The Aruba 7200 series is well suited for large organizations. Each 7280 Series provides connectivity for up to 32,768 concurrent users or devices and 2,048 access points. Plus, they include up to 24 Ethernet ports and multiple WAN uplinks. And they come with up to 80 virtual CPUs and 100 Gbps of maximum throughput to perform their built-in firewall features.

The Aruba 7280 delivers superb, easy user experience for high density environments.

And Corporate Armor gives you uninterrupted 5-star service and years of specialization in Aruba’s whole family of products. So call us at 877-449-0458, or email us with any and all questions.

Aruba 7280 Mobility Controller highlights

Support for new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), WPA3
Unified policy enforcement for wired and wireless traffic through Aruba Dynamic Segmentation
Connectivity for up to 32,728 concurrent users or client devices, 4096 access points
Built in AI-powered wireless/RF optimization
Up to 100 Gbps of maximum firewall throughput

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