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Aruba AP518 ruggedized access point

The hardened, Aruba AP518 access point delivers high Wi-Fi 6 performance in harsh, weather-protected environments. Places like warehouses, industrial freezers or enclosures in extreme environments such as stadiums. It delivers 4×4:4 MU-MIMO, Aruba’s advanced ClientMatch and integrated Bluetooth to enable Aruba location services.

Aruba AP518 can survive in the harshest weather-protected environments. They will withstand exposure to extreme high and low temperatures, persistent (non-precipitant) moisture, and are sealed to keep out airborne contaminants. All electrical interfaces include industrial strength surge protection.

The Aruba AP518 includes Aruba’s patented ClientMatch technology to eliminate sticky client issues while optimizing 802.11ax performance. With ClientMatch, the AP518 loads web pages faster, deliver video streams with improved quality and support high densities of mobile devices.


The AP518 support downlink MU-MIMO similar to Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac Wave 2) APs. With the introduction OFDMA in Wi-Fi 6, the overhead for this capability is reduced and MU-MIMO effectiveness is substantially improved for large client counts.

Incredible efficiency

The Aruba AP518 access point greatly maximizes Wi-Fi efficiency and dramatically reduces airtime contention between clients.

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Features include Uplink and Downlink Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), Downlink Multi-User MIMO (MU MIMO) and cellular co-location. It also has up to 4 spatial stream and 160 MHz channel capability. The Aruba AP518 provides groundbreaking wireless capabilities.


The Aruba AP518 is excellent for enterprise companies. It is very well suited for organizations that require a large number of wireless access points and need simple intuitive management over them. And when it comes to Wi-Fi management, Aruba gives you the flexibility to choose. You can use an Instant access point or a controller to manage an entire cluster of access points. On the other hand, you can manage them with a cloud-based or an on-site network management platform.

Since we have years of Aruba experience, Corporate Armor is your best bet if you want to find out more about the Aruba AP518 access point. Our advice will be driven by your unique needs, nothing more. Just call 877-449-0458, or email [email protected].

Highlights of the Aruba AP518 access point

Maximum concurrent data rate of 3 Gbps
Includes Aruba’s patented ClientMatch technology
Delivers high performance to harsh, weather-protected environments
Operate in Controller-managed or Aruba Instant mode

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