Cradlepoint E100 Cloud-Managed router

Cradlepoint E100 Cloud-Managed router

NetCloud Service for SOHO with the Cradlepoint E100 Cloud-Managed router is perfect for enabling employees to work from home or outside the office. And you can expect the same services, security, and ease of management. (Email us or call 877-449-0458 for a quick quote or for information about the E100!)

By using a dedicated LTE connection, the E100 router avoids bandwidth competition with other household devices. Its’ high-speed connection extends an e-based environment to a secure network in a home, a remote office, or on the road. Additionally, you can completely segment and isolate work devices. This means computers, printers, and more, separated from all other streaming and digital work in the household. That ensures high performance and provides a natural layer of information protection.

The Cradlepoint E100 Cloud-Managed router / NetCloud for SOHO combination provides a dedicated connection for remote, critical work. It will provide persistent access to critical cloud and corporate data center applications. Instead of relying on uneven household equipment, the E100 offers you a Work from Anywhere solution. It offers IT providers cloud-based management. Therefore, they can distribute policies, set security parameters, isolate corporate assets, and tweak bandwidth considerations uniformly.

Features of the E100

The E100 offers zero-touch deployment with pre-configured settings based in the cloud, and accessible from anywhere. Policies are easy to set and deploy, even at large scale. This is because they are centrally cloud based, as well. The E100 can be segregated from household devices for security and to maintain performance, as well

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It has 850 Mbps of Stateful Firewall Throughput, 250 Mbps of IPS Throughput, and 40 Mbps of IPsec Throughput. Additionally, it runs 250 Mbps of Application Aware Services and Analytics. It supports 5 typical clients.


NetCloud Service includesEdge Security features and options to optimize the E100 for great security. It is designed to meet and scale to the security needs of distributed environments. The service includes stateful zone-based and application-aware firewall, unified threat management, and authenticated wireless connection. And the connection is fully isolated from the surrounding networks.

If you have any further questions about the E100, Wi-Fi, LTE, or anything else, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Key Features of the Cradlepoint E100

850 Mbps of Stateful Firewall Throughput
250 Mbps of IPS Throughput
40 Mbps of IPsec Throughput
Drop into existing network for a turnkey failover solution

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