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Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business. Connect fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices, anywhere. Simply. Securely. Wirelessly.

Cradlepoint wireless has grown to become the industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE and 5G network solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations. They are committed to extending leadership into the emerging 5G space. More than 23,000 customers worldwide in retail, financial services, healthcare, transportation, public sector, and other industries rely on Cradlepoint to keep their mobile networks and IoT devices connected and protected.Call Corporate Armor today at 877-449-0458 for experienced, Cradlepoint service. You can also email us at [email protected]!

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GO ANYWHERE with Cradlepoint ruggedized, in-vehicle routers!

With huge processing power and extensibility options, Cradlepoint’s ruggedized mobile routers provide advanced, reliable, secure communications. They are perfect for first responders, RVers, cruisers, public transit, commercial fleets, and near shore vessels. They can even run on-board public WiFi and direct-to-cloud applications.

Armed with the Cradlepoint NetCloud Service, continuous modem & software feature enhancements, 24×7 support and on-demand training, these 4G and 5G go-anywhere routers give you everything you need to manage everything you’ve got. Within these three options, you’ll have a model that will fit pretty much any use case scenario.

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