Cradlepoint R2100 Ruggedized 5G router

The Cradlepoint R2100 Ruggedized 5G router is an industrial wireless 5G router, so it uses the NEW 5G LTE as its internet connection. Before many vendors have come out with their first 5G products, Cradlepoint is rolling out its third generation.

The R2100 is able to support the full speed and capabilities of 5G. It’s a high bandwidth, exterior-mounted super router that provides mass transit, public safety, and similar use cases with the latest cellular performance in an unusually flexible and simple form.

The R2100 series is designed to be mounted on the roof of a vehicle or attached to IoT cabinet. It integrates the modem, antennas, and router into a single aerodynamic, rugged casing. This greatly simplifies deployment. The Cradlepoint R2100 Ruggedized 5G router comes with or without Wi-Fi 6 and can be deployed as a self contained router or to supplement an existing router as a 5G adapter. The Wi-Fi version is the R2105, and the without Wi-Fi version is the R2155.

Sleek, simple, rugged

The R2100 integrates the modem, antennas, and router into a single aerodynamic, IP67-rated casing. It guards against weather, vibration, and shock. Sold with or without Wi-Fi 6, it can servce as a self-contained router or to supplement an existing router as a 5G adapter.

Since antenna cables are no longer necessary, many vehicle installations will only require one power cable and a single small hole to the router on the roof. You can add 5G to a current setup by deploying the R2100 in Captive Modem mode as an adapter that is controlled by an attached Cradlepoint router. Then, NetCloud treats the R2100 as an internal modem, eliminating the need for a separate license.

The Cradlepoint R2100 Ruggedized 5G router is powered by a NetCloud Service subscription plan. This includes everything you need to unlock the power of 5G at the network edge. It all works together, which makes it easy to deploy, connect, and secure edge applications at scale across the organization. The service includes a warranty for as long as there is an active subscription. In addition, it includes online training and live and online support.

These plans are available with either the NetCloud Performance Mobile Service plan or the NetCloud Ruggedized IoT Service plan. And each of these plans come with options for the Advanced Plan, in 1, 3, and 5 year options.

The Advanced option

NetCloud Advanced Mobile Performance Service includes security features such as application aware zone-based firewall, CP Secure Threat Management (IPS/IDS), and CP Secure Web Filter. These will protect your network and meet the evolving security needs of in-vehicle environments.

Cradlepoint R2100 Specs

The R2100 series has an embedded 5G NR FR1 low-, mid-band, and 4G LTE Category 20 modem, and 1 x 2.5 GbE RJ45 (LAN only) port. The Wi-Fi is dual radio, dual band, concurrent operation (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 with DFS.

It pushes 900 Mbps of stateful firewall throughput, 650 Mbps of IPS throughput, and 300 Mbps of IPsec VPN throughput. It can run 10 concurrent VPN tunnels, and 32,000 concurrent sessions (TCP).

WAN Connectivity is 5G and LTE (CAT20) wireline (via gigabit Ethernet), and a dual modem option. LAN Connectivity is simultaneous dual band Wi-Fi 6 (2×2) and gigabit Ethernet ports. It also has long range, low-power Bluetooth 5.1 to support IoT connectivity, and Discrete GNSS location GPS with dead reckoning and OBD-II integration.

The latter is important, because the ultimate mobility of course is with vehicles, where Internet connectivity can easily be provided by LTE routers. And the Cradlepoint R2100 is designed for vehicles. Now, think of cases where the vehicles are part of a mass transportation system such as buses or trains. For these vehicles, LTE routers can provide Internet connectivity for passengers in the form of WiFi. Some other uses include mobile clinics, first responders, and law enforcement.

The modems are 5G NR (low-band, mid-band FR1) and 4G LTE Category 20 LTE Advanced Pro with Dual Connectivity, and are 4×4 MIMO. Peak downlink is up to 4.14 Gbps, and peak uplink is up to 660 Mbps.

In conclusion, if you need the latest cellular performance in a rugged, mobile form factor, the Cradlepoint R2100 series might be worth a look. And, if you have any further questions about the R2100 series, Wi-Fi, LTE, or anything else, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Cradlepoint R2100 Highlights highlights

5G and LTE (CAT20) wireline connectivity
Dual-band, dual-concurrent; 802.11ax Wi-Fi
900 Mbps of stateful firewall throughput
650 Mbps of IPS throughput