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4on Amazon,Jan 14, 2020


Pro and con with this seller. Shipping details provided within Amazon were for a letter from seller. The letter stated my items were being shipped, but didn't include ETA or tracking numbers for purchased items. Was not a great feeling expecting a package and receiving a letter. However, they were able to provide me with the tracking information and responded within 12hrs with this information.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 10, 2020


Great to do business and they always have the best pricing and turnaround. My goto place for Cisco Meraki

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


I came to corporate armor to find a vendor for firewall and I found a very responsive team, good prices and services.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


As a consultant, Corporate Armar is where I send my clients to to get their Fortinet Hardware. Great staff and support.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


Shipped and recieved within the same week. Very straight-forward process.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


I've purchased from Corporate Armor when they were just starting out. Their prices were very competitive and I was wondering if this was a here today gone tomorrow place. To make sure I was dealing with a reputable place, I remember calling and also using the chat function. I was impressed with the knowledge of the support person in both cases. There was little waiting and quality of support was excellent. Quality of support for me is defined as getting to the right person with the answers quickly and the person being efficient in relaying the information to the customer. I'm happy to say after a few years, Corporate Armor is where I go for my company's router and access point needs.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


I purchased a firewall from them for a client and it was one of the easiest purchases and even included the vendor discount.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


I've ordered from Corporate Armor on multiple occasions for Meraki products. With each order, my rep provided advice and the order processes was incredibly simple. Financing was also arranged when needed. Delivery was super quick and I was able to setup my network in records time. Thanks Corporate Armor!

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


We have been using Corporate Armor for the 6 or 7 years for license renewals. One of the things we like about them, when we are busy and possibly miss renewing a license they send emails out prior to expiration. Nice to know they have our backs.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


I have used them for a few years now, there are a good variety of products. The best thing is I know I get the best pricing because they often go back to the vendor and negotiate for you. I have used them mainly for our firewalls and licensing which has always been an easy transaction. But because of my past experience I am using them to upgrade our wireless infrastructure. Will continue to use Corporate Armor in the future.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 09, 2020


Great pricing and quick turn around, will definitely do business with Corporate Armor again

5on Resellerratings,Jan 07, 2020


They've got the products and licenses we need, at the price we wanted and they deliver fast. Thank you!

5on Resellerratings,Jan 07, 2020


In the IT business sometimes there are so many layers of distribution for software and unless your buying a million dollars a month worth of product there is very little support. My hard to source software licenses were available at a good price and the order processing went very quickly and smooth. I had my download link in minutes. Too often I need to order product to solve a complex issue left behind by my predecessors and delivering same day makes me look good to a new client. I will check with Corporate Armor first going forward. Thanks,

5on Resellerratings,Jan 07, 2020


The product selection, information and purchase was quick and easy with immediate response.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 07, 2020


I have used them for years in purchasing firewalls and license renewals and have always had a good experience. Quick to respond and take care of problems if any arise.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 07, 2020


I came to corporate armor to find a vendor for firewall security. I was fairly new to the area, but they’ve always been very helpful.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 02, 2020


We've purchased ISL conference server from CA about a year ago and just increase our license count again. Our rep, Charles, has always been outstanding and very willing to pass ideas to the developers. Support is fast and even the sales team has been easy to get ahold of. Very glad we made our choice to use their software.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 02, 2020


Every order I’ve made with these guys has been easy. I have never had a wait on their phone line and they ship things extremely quickly.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


It means a lot to our organization the excellent customer service and licensing products.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


Called Corporate Armour, i had all my questions answered received great advice and feedback. Licensing prices were spot on!!!

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


Whenever I need to buy the firewall for my customers, Corporate Armor is my #1 choice. They have wide variety of hardware in the stock, and very affordable prices. My customers appreciate the saving. The delivery is always on schedule, and the tech support is very knowledgeable. What else do you need, right?

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


We have used corporate armor exclusively for the purchase of our devices. They are great to work with and extremely competitive from a pricing standpoint.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


Good prices on Fortinet licenses, good customer service too and fast delivery. We're renewing every year our licenses with them.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


Excellent source for all our networking needs. Always has stock and shipping is very fast and cheap!

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


I need training. Appears to be very good software. I'm a simple company with simple needs.

5on Resellerratings,Jan 01, 2020


As a non-profit organization, dealing with network equipment and licensing is no easy task for us. We appreciate the product offerings of Corporate Armor backed by their knowledge and service.

5on Resellerratings,Dec 31, 2019


Our small retail flooring store is completely satisfied with Corporate Armor's services that we are renewing our contract again for another 3 years. Great prices and services... Raven is wonderful...

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