Free & Secure Remote Support Software for your Business, School, Government office or Not-for-Profit

Exclusively from Corporate Armor.

We’re excited to offer you Corporate Armor Connect & Fix – our secure, reliable remote desktop software that enables you to support your staff or clients remotely, from anywhere in the world, anytime!

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Need more? Simply upgrade to ISL Online and remotely access and manage devices to provided on-demand IT support-even from your mobile devices. Need help? Live chat now, or call our experts at 877.449.0458.

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Features Connect & Fix ISL Online
Share my screen
Transfer session
Keyboard/mouse control
Invite Operator
Connect Via (RDP, SSH)
File Transfer
In session chat
Drawing Tool
Keyboard shortcuts
Remote system info
Color depth control
Administrative tools
Screen recording
Ways to Connect
Desktop App
ISL Products
ISL Light/Windows
ISL Light/Mac OSX
ISL Light/Linux
ISL Light/Mac IOS
ISL Light Android
ISL Light/Windows Mobile
ISL Always On (unattended access)
ISL Groop (web meeting)
ISL Pronto (in-page chat)
Connect & Fix is Free Remote Support Software for your business, school, government or not-for-profit office. Sorry, we don’t offer a version for home use.

Connect & Fix is a great alternative to Teamviewer, LogMeIn, GotoMyPC, ScreenConnect, Splashtop and more.