Emsisoft Enterprise Security

Four proven protection layers to block online threats on all levels

Emsisoft provides Endpoint protection to millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide. They offer Emsisoft AntiMalware Home, and Emsisoft Business Security solutions. Emsisoft is well-known (and loved) for being highly-affordable, highly effective, and highly-adaptable.

Emsisoft Enterprise Security

Made to protect small and medium sized businesses, Emsisoft Enterprise Security protects workstations, servers and remote workplaces. It also comes with the free Cloud Console that lets you deploy AV to an entire organization. This allows you to generate reports, apply security policies, and initiate and schedule scans from a single console.

Of course, It boasts the same superb remote management and ease of use.

Emsisoft highlights

Emsisoft delivers layered protection at a surprisingly low price. It features true, complete remote access and control, and it’s super-fast and low on resource use. Plus, Emsisoft retains an absolute minimum of user’s personal data.

Remote Access (!)

Lots of antivirus products offer some amount of remote access. However, Emsisoft really shines in this respect. You get the application itself inside a browser window. Anything you can do locally, you can do remotely. And, you use the same interface that you’re already familiar with.

The remote management system offers some cool features. For example, a network lockdown that kills all connections to the affected system other than the connection to the Cloud Console. Plus, you can configure profiles that set up new computers the way you prefer, invite users with varying degrees of control, and more.

Emsisoft Enterprise Security:










The Enterprise difference

The Emsisoft Enterprise Security license plan upgrade enables advanced features for larger businesses. For example, Active Directory integration synchronizes your Active Directory users and devices with the management console. New devices can be deployed with just a few clicks.

Not only that, Emsisoft Enterprise Security doesn’t have any limitations for protection and permission policies. They’re unlimited. Also unlimited is the number of  admins and managers  you can inviteto your workspace. You’ll also have super-granular user policies and permissions, front-of-the-line priority support, and 8AM-9PM ET phone support.

Emsisoft offers single-pane-of-glass protection, resulting in very simple administration. And, being web-based, It also has the advantage of being able to respond to alerts without having to be tied to the office.

There’s a lot to like about a super-usable, budget-friendly, security product you can manage from anywhere.


Emsisoft is an exciting, up and coming solution with a rapidly growing following. And right now, you can switch to this excellent software with the knowledge that you will save at least 10% off what you’re paying for your current endpoint protection software! So email us or call 866-925-3710 if you have any questions, or would like to know more about pricing.

Key Emsisoft Features

Total Remote Access
Retains minimal personal user data
Very nimble and low on resource useage
Highly affordable and easy to use

Emsisoft Business Security datasheet

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