fortinet fortigate 80e

Fortinet FortiGate 80E

The FortiGate 80E redefines what you can expect from an appliance of this price. The FG 80E is ready to go almost as soon as it’s plugged in and connected. Then, it’s completely capable of handling the traffic of a small or even medium-sized office. Additionally, the FG 80E boasts the SoC3 system-on-a-chip. This innovation optimizes processing power and performance without sacrificing security.

Under the hood

The FG 80E boasts Firewall Throughput of 4 Gbps, IPS Throughput of 450 Mbps, and Firewall Latency of 3 μs. And, NGFW Throughput is 360 Mbps.

In conclusion, for proven great protection and drag-and-drop management, the FG-80E is a can’t miss choice. Save on the FortiGate 80E at Corporate Armor!

What are FortiCare and FortiGuard support contracts, and how do I choose one of these?

Good question. When you purchase a Fortinet firewall, you have several options to go along with the firewall itself. Basically, these support contracts ensure that your firewall performs at its highest level for as long as possible. The options on the right combine FortiCare and FortiGuard. Without these support options in place, a firewall would basically be an expensive doorstop.

What are they, then?

Basically, FortiCare gives you global tech support on a per-product basis. You’ll receive a timely response to any technical issues as well as complete visibility on ticket resolution progress. It includes firmware upgrades, access to the support portal and associated technical resources. Further, you get reporting on technical incidents (via the web, chat, and telephone), and a hardware return option.

FortiGuard is the constantly self-updating security part of your firewall. That is to say, it’s what makes it a firewall. Each option includes a range of security services designed to tackle the most advanced Internet threats at any time. This includes AntiVirus, Advanced Malware Protection, and Content Filtering. In addition, there’s Sandboxing, AntiSpam, Email Security, Botnet Protection, and more.

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The FG-80E has been discontined. Click here to upgrade to the FortiGate 70F

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Corporate Armor is very well-versed with both Fortinet and Meraki. We can happily recommend both in a broad way, but knowing what delineates them might be helpful when it comes time for you to shop for a firewall. Many of our top-selling models come from these two companies. The FortiGate FG40F, from $362, the FG60F, from $508, the Meraki MX64, from $350, and the Meraki MX68, from $586, are hugely popular.

How do I configure a FortiGate firewall step by step? Find out here! Of course, you can always reach out to us for help, too!

FortiGate 80E At a Glance

Firewall Throughput4 Gbps
IPS Throughput450 Mbps
NGFW Throughput360 Mbps
SSL VPN Throughput200 Mbps
Threat Protection Throughput250 Mbps
# of Recommended Users50-100
Concurrent Sessions1,300,000

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