Fortinet FortiEDR with MDR (Managed Detection and Response)

Real-time, Automated Incident Response

Fortinet FortiEDR

FortiEDR is the only EDR solution that provides both pre- and post-infection protection. With fast moving threats like ransomware, detection just isn’t enough. You need real-time protection to stop the attack and automated actions to prevent it from spreading and clean-up any damage. FortiEDR does this in some amazing ways.

First, they have a patented code-tracing technology that track OS activities in details and identify the suspicious behaviors including in-memory attacks

FortiEDR then halts the attack in real-time, without disturbing the user, before it can do harm and block malicious actions. It stops the attack from ‘phoning home’ and communicating with the attacker, thereby blocking encryption. It also sets up automated responses such as terminating processes that trigger the attack and rolls the system back to a safe state prior to any damage.

Upsides of Fortinet FortiEDR with MDR

Fortinet’s Managed detection and response is a service that helps organizations better understand the cybersecurity risks they face and improve how they identify and react to threats.

MDR is quite effective at stopping malware. By integrating MDR, you can intercept the communications that malwares often use to steal data from targeted command-and-control servers. Therefore you can prevent them from happening in the future. An MDR can also incorporate an endpoint protection platform to shield specific endpoints from malware. MDR also can detect lateral movement of malware, allowing the organization to stop a threat from spreading.

24/7 Monitoring and Communications with Experienced SOC Analysts

With FortiEDR with MDR, your system is monitored around the clock by seasoned security operations center (SOC) professionals. This enhances your security and provides you with up-to-date communication regarding issues.

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FortiEDR Complete Managed Detection and Response for 25





FortiEDR Discover & Protect and Basic MDR plus FortiCare 24×7 for 25

FortiEDR Protect & Respond and Std MDR plus FortiCare 24×7 for 25

FortiEDR Discover, Protect, Respond & Std MDR/FortiCare 24×7 for 500

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Features of Fortinet FortiEDR with MDR

Aims for threat detection as opposed to compliance
Makes use of the service provider’s tools
Relies on security event management and advanced analytics
Involves human interaction and analysis
Includes incident validation and remote response

FortiEDR datasheet

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