Fortinet FortiRECON

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Fortinet FortiRecon

You might know about Fortinet’s well-known and extensive portfolio of cyber-security and networking products and solutions. But what about the cyber risks to a brand? Things that go beyond the typical scope of security concerns or coverage? Addressing these digital risks is an important extension of the enterprise security architecture, and of a company’s secure digital footprint. This is where Fortinet FortiRECON comes in!

Fortinet FortiRECON has a lot more to offer than just a cool name. It is a suite that is comprised of three elements: Brand Protection, Adversary-Centric Intelligence, and External Attack Surface Management.

FortiRecon External Attack Surface Management

FortiRecon External Attack Surface Management continuously assesses an organization’s digital surface. It discovers, identifies, and alerts to new weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It also analyzes new digital assets. EASM provides immediate visibility to, and remediation actions for, any newly discovered asset, vulnerability, or public exposure.

FortiRecon Brand Protection

FortiRecon Brand Protection provides a brand-specific view of threats, and enables organizations to get early warnings of brand and reputation risks. Things like credential breaches, typo-squatting and defacements, rogue applications, harmful social media posts, brand impersonation, phishing, and other digital risks.

FortiRecon Adversary-Centric Intelligence

Adversary-Centric Intelligence is a result of intelligence from FortiGuard threat experts who monitor and assess the dark web, underground adversary forums, and open-source intelligence sources. They then curate intelligence pertinent to a company, geography, or sector. They gather information on imminent threats and illegitimately acquired data on an organization’s behalf.

FortiRecon ACI provides contextual insights into imminent threats. This means faster response to incidents, a better understanding of attackers, and the ability to safeguard assets. ACI comprehensively covers the dark web and other underground and invite-only forums, and more.

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Fortinet FortiRECON Exyernal Attack Surface Management




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The full FortiRecon solution includes

Broad coverage – digital asset discovery, data leak detection on underground and open forums, and brand attacks for swift action
Takedown service for accounts, websites, and rogue mobile applications
Licensing flexibility, for “outside-in” visibility when it’s needed
Executive to technical-level views with an intuitive graphical user interface
Threat expertise access from additional FortiRecon analyst time to incident response and assessment services

FortiRecon EASM solution brief

FortiRecon Brand Protection solution brief

FortiRecon Adversary-Centric Intel solution brief

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