Accelerated Modular 6350-SR LTE Router with Wi-Fi and Integrated Plug-In LTE Modem; CAT 3; LTE / HSPA+ / EV-DO


SKU: ASN-6350-SR03-GLB Category: Brand: Accelerated Concepts


Being connected is everything in today’s data-driven economy. Eliminating downtime is essential to maximize productivity, support critical business applications, and avoid outages and disruptions that can impact sales, customer service, brand reputation and compliance. 

Improve Business Continuity

Accelerate your connectivity solutions and eliminate downtime with the Accelerated 6350-SR LTE Router with built-in primary or backup cellular connection. The 6350-SR LTE Router is a compact, affordable and high-performance device that features multiple WAN connectivity options (Ethernet or cellular) with load balancing and failover. The 6350-SR LTE Router comes with a Carrier Certified embedded cellular modem for LTE and 3G connectivity. For large locations and data intensive applications a high speed LTE category 6 modem is available. This LTE modem supports LTE Advanced with carrier aggregation and the highest LTE speeds commercially available.

Combine Ethernet WAN with 4G LTE Wireless WAN for Primary or Failover Connection

The Accelerated 6350-SR LTE Router is the perfect solution that allows any Ethernet or optional WiFi connected device to connect to the network with advanced firewall and VPN capabilities. Ensure maximum uptime and performance with the flexibility to deploy solutions in any location where you need quick, easy, reliable connectivity at a much lower cost than traditional Internet connections. WAN connections can be Ethernet or cellular with load balancing and failover.

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