Aerohive SR2024P 24 Port Network Switch – Cloud-enabled enterprise-class gigabit access switch with PoE 802.1X

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Aerohive Networks SR platforms combine enterprise-class access switching with cloudenabled management, on-demand provisioning, and secure branch routing to provide the industry’s most advanced networking feature set to the edge of your network. Built on the deep, feature-rich HiveOS operating system, the SR platforms offer state-of-the-art gigabit switching with advanced features like user-based QoS, storm control, and 802.1X multiple authentication for voice and data coexistence, along with traditional switch features such as LLDP, Spanning Tree, and IGMP snooping. In addition, the SRs accelerate branch consolidation efforts by integrating secure branch routing, 3G/4G connectivity, and advanced switching to provide an all-in-one solution for branch offices. Combining these capabilities with cloud-based services such as on-demand provisioning, hands-free configuration and updates, and unified wired and wireless policies allows the SRs to join the rest of the Aerohive Cooperative Control network to provide a seamless, high-quality enterprise-class experience for all connected users. 

Key Features and Benefits

Secure Switching with On-Demand Provisioning

The SR2024P platform is a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet access switch with 4 additional 1 Gigabit SFP ports. 24 Ethernet ports support high-power PoE (Power over Ethernet), and the entire device supports the feature-rich capabilities of HiveOS, including RADIUS, 802.1X security, and cloud-based management. In addition, the SR2024P leverages Aerohive HiveOS cooperative control to provide robust switching functionality that is in harmony with the Wi-Fi infrastructure, including unified policy, management, and reporting. By integrating with the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform, the SR2024P can be brought online by simply shipping the equipment to the install site and plugging it in. The SR2024P will automatically find the HiveManager, either in Aerohive’s public cloud or on a customer premises, download complete configuration, security, and corporate policies, and instantly provide service for connected devices. 

Cloud-Enabled Stacking

The SR2024P supports Aerohive Cooperative Control protocols, allowing it to interoperate with other HiveOS devices and securely share policy information. By using the unified policy configured in HiveManager, it is possible to combine multiple Aerohive SR2024Ps together to provide a seamless experience for connected clients, even if the devices aren’t in the same physical location. Devices can be put into groups and managed and monitored as a single group. Manage your entire access infrastructure without need for additional configuration, proprietary cables or protocols, or concern for geography. 

Branch Consolidation

The SR2024P combines a power branch router, stateful firewall, and enterprise-class switch offering full-line rate switching along with IPSec VPN, 802.1X, Policy-Based Routing, Cloud Proxy, and 3G/4G WAN diversity. The SR2024P fills the gap between WAN connectivity and enterprise access, and offers administrators the flexibility and ease-of-use required to drastically reduce the time-to-operation and expenses associated with managing large-scale branch deployments.

Infinitely Expandable

The SR series easily combines with Aerohive Access Points and Branch Routers to create scalable and easily-managed enterprise-class solutions. A single unified policy dictates how and when users can connect via Ethernet or wireless – ensuring security regardless of how or where they connect.

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