HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12 – Wi-Fi 5, Enhanced Coverage (Power Supply Unit Not Included)


HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12 – Ensure speedy data transfer of up to 1.56 Gbit/s with the IEEE 802.11ac wireless technology. Its management capability provides efficient control over setup and configuration of your network.

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The HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12 is part of the highly effective and budget-friendly Instant On line of access points and switches. It lives up to its’ name, too.

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12 is right-sized for small and growing businesses with little to no IT support, and a limited budget. These access points and switches give you simplicity, reliability and ease-of-use. And they ensure your company’s and customers’ data is secure. And the Aruba AP12 3-Pack Bundle brings this usability at a lower price than ever.

Access Points

The Instant On family includes the AP11, AP11D, AP12, AP15, AP17, and the AP25, covering about every usage.

They push data rates of 1.1 Gbps for the AP11, AP11D, and AP17 (2×2 MIMO), and 1.6 Gbps for the AP12 (3×3 MIMO). The AP22 (2×2 MIMO) reaches 1.7 Gbps and the AP15 (4×4 MIMO) gets to 2 Gbps. You can support anywhere from 50 to 100 devices on Instant On access points.

Use case for the AP11 is SOHOs, boutiques, and retail shops. The AP12 gears itself toward medical offices, cafés, restaurants, or boutique hotels. AP15 is for high Wi-Fi usage such as video conferences, multimedia, critical apps, gaming, and content creation.

The HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP22 and AP25 are WiFi-6. Plus, the AP25 is a 4×4 MU-MIMO device that reaches 5.3 Gbps max data rate. The AP22 is built to handle a high volume of connected devices. This access point is perfect for reimagined offices, schools, and retail or hospitality. The AP25 designed for gaming, tech start-ups, boutique hotels, and professional offices.

The entire family of Instant on access points are easy-to-set-up and manage, and deliver strong coverage wherever and whatever you connect. With an affordable price and built-in security, it’s Wi-Fi designed with small businesses in mind. To learn more, email us or call 877-449-0458.   Datasheet

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12

  • Extremely simple to deploy, does not require any additional appliance or tool
  • Built-in Automation; automatic software updates; more advanced features
  • Built-in firewall, IDS and DPI plus ability to block type of traffic. Very easy to configure


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