Barracuda Networks 340Vx Load Balancer Virtual Appliance Bundle with 1 Year License

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Virtual appliance provides load balancing, high availability and application acceleration with intrusion prevention.
Based on the popular Barracuda Load Balancer hardware appliance, the Barracuda Load Balancer Vx is a virtual appliance that is easy-to-use and affordable. It provides industry-leading features for advanced load balancing, high availability and application acceleration with integrated intrusion prevention for added security.

High Availability and Scalability
The Barracuda Load Balancer Vx was designed to provide high availability and scalability by intelligently distributing traffic across multiple servers using several scheduling algorithms and persistence mechanisms. It performs intelligent network and application-layer server health checks to ensure the most efficient load distribution and resource utilization. The ability to transparently add or remove servers on the fly increases application uptimes while providing a smooth end user experience. For additional availability it can be deployed in an active/passive configuration wherein a hot standby immediately takes over services if the master unit fails.

Application Acceleration
Features such as content caching, data compression and connection pooling improve application response times and reduce network congestion. These features also lessen connection-management overhead from the servers. Content rules provide application-aware traffic distribution by redirecting requests to the subgroup of servers which can process the requests most efficiently. This allows architecting a highly scalable application-delivery network with optimal resource utilization. SSL offloading further reduces server load and consolidates certificate management.

An integrated intrusion prevention system deep scans all incoming data, including SSL encrypted data, to filter malicious data before it reaches your servers. Web application data can be selectively inspected and modified for added protection. Automated IPS definition updates ensure immediate protection from the latest attacks.

Affordable and Easy to use
With advanced load balancing backed by industry-leading customer support, the Barracuda Load Balancer Vx provides unmatched value. The intuitive web UI streamlines deployment and configuration. Multiple deployment options allow quick, seamless integration into any network topology. With features like automated discovery, it only takes a few minutes to set up server load balancing.

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