Barracuda Networks BWB230 – Link Balancer 230 Energize Updates – 5 Years

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Designed to scale for high bandwidth requirements and provide business continuity for an organization of any size, the Barracuda Link Balancer optimizes the use of multiple Internet links, such as T1s, T3s, DSL and cable connections from one or multiple Internet service providers. Capable of automatic failover in the event of link failure, the Barracuda Link Balancer helps ensure that your network is always connected to the Internet.

Aggregating Link Bandwidth

The Barracuda Link Balancer automatically aggregates Internet bandwidth from multiple connections. Administrators can choose multiple connections to the same or different ISPs for the purposes of consolidating access to affordable Internet bandwidth.

Inbound Link Balancing

The Barracuda Link Balancer enables inbound link balancing and failover by providing authoritative DNS services. Inbound traffic to host machines can be balanced across multiple links by assigning each host a different Internet IP Address for each Internet link that can be used to reach it. The Barracuda Link Balancer can then distribute inbound traffic across multiple Internet links to the host by returning the IP address of the most appropriate Internet link when responding to DNS queries.

Link Failover

In the event of Internet link failure, the Barracuda Link Balancer automatically sends traffic to an available Internet connection without administrator intervention. During a link failure, Barracuda Link Balancer regularly checks the health of a given connection, assuring fast reconnection when Internet service is restored. By automatically detecting link health and failure, the Barracuda Link Balancer assists administrators by providing a worry-free redundant connectivity to the Internet. Link Failover can also be manually controlled by assigning primary and backup WAN Links.

Bandwidth Management and Quality of Service (QoS)

The Barracuda Link Balancer provides administrators with tools to automatically prioritize critical Internet applications. For example, Web browsing and email can be guaranteed bandwidth while peer-to-peer applications and media streaming can be assigned a lower priority. The flexibility to manage priority of Internet usage ensures low-priority bandwidth-intensive applications never interfere with business-critical operations.

Built-in Firewall

Installed at the network perimeter, administrators can deploy the Barracuda Link Balancer as a network firewall to consolidate the management of network security. The Barracuda Link Balancer incorporates firewall functionality, including:

•Network address translation (NAT). NAT allows the Barracuda Link Balancer to isolate internal network traffic from the Internet.
•1:1 network address translation (NAT). The 1:1 NAT differs by allowing administrators to directly assign external addresses to internal clients. Ideal for hosting internal applications or services requiring regular outbound requests, such as SMTP, 1:1 NAT provides a secure method to facilitate approved traffic.
•Port forwarding. Port forwarding allows the same external addresses used for Internet and WAN bandwidth aggregation to be used for network access. This is designed for administrators to gain access to management interfaces, VPN gateways and terminal servers.
•IP access lists. The use of IP access lists enable administrators to allow or deny access, either inbound or outbound, to remote networks, clients, applications, services and ports.
•Transparent operation. The Barracuda Link Balancer can be implemented in conjunction with existing network firewalls by disabling the built-in firewall functionality.

Local Network Services

Addressing common network needs for the mid-market organization, the Barracuda Link Balancer includes traditional network services.

•DHCP server. The Barracuda Link Balancer automatically assigns client IP addresses using the DHCP protocol. Along with defining traditional DHCP options, administrators view active leases in real time.
•DNS caching server. The Barracuda Link Balancer is configured to query the domain name server systems or proxy DNS requests to your ISP’s DNS servers. With DNS caching enabled, frequent DNS requests are served quickly and locally from the Barracuda Link Balancer’s internal DNS processes.
•Site-to-site VPN. The Barracuda Link Balancer provides site-to-site VPN connectivity and link load balancing.

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