Carbonite Availability for Linux maintenance 1yr – DT4-LINUX-B-R

Double-Take Availability for Linux – Maintenance (renewal) (1 year) – Linux. Availability for Linux provides affordable data protection for Linux servers, ensuring minimal data loss and immediate recovery from any interruption.

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Carbonite Availability for Linux maintenance 1yr – Provides affordable data protection, ensuring minimal data loss. It enables immediate recovery from any interruption, from a single system outage to a complete site loss disaster. Changes are captured constantly and replicated to one or more recovery servers that can be anywhere you want.

Carbonite Availability is a basically a constant replication for always on data protection. The Availability software constantly creates a replica of the primary system at another location. When a failure occurs, the secondary systems go live and DNS re routes the users.

By using constant replication, you have a secondary copy without taxing the primary system or network band width. And, you have the option of multiple recovery points using historical snap shots, and advanced features like encryption in flight, compression, and band width throttling.

You’ll also appreciate Carbonite for its’ automated, silent installation and operation, secure over public and private networks. And Global Deduplication reduces backup related WAN traffic by up to 98% during business hours.

With Carbonite, you can have complete confidence. You can back up data on your laptops and desktops and recover it easily after any data loss event. Questions? Email us or call 877-449-0458.   Datasheet


Cool things about Carbonite Availability for Linux maintenance 1yr

  • Provides robust high availability failover protection
  • Users remain connected to critical business systems
  • Monitors changes to all protected files, replicates only the bytes that change, for efficient, low overhead protection
  • You always have fast access to a complete and current copy of your application data



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