Carbonite HR40 recovery appliance with 1 month Cloud Storage Subscription APLHR401M

Carbonite HR40 – Recovery appliance – with 1 month Cloud Storage Subscription – GigE – 1U – rack-mountable

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Description: B/U APPL HR40 1MO
Carbonite HR40 – Recovery appliance – with 1 month Cloud Storage Subscription – GigE – 1U – rack-mountable

The Carbonite Backup Appliance provides powerful and easy-to-manage backup and recovery for your servers through Carbonite-supplied hardware. This all-in-one disaster recovery solution combines the speed of local backup and recovery with the ultimate protection of the cloud. Image backup enables Bare Metal Restore for full systems or individual files. The HR40 is a rack-mount appliance with 4TB of (raw) local storage.
Help protect your business-critical data with the Carbonite Backup Appliance, specifically designed to provide hybrid disaster recovery for small and midsize businesses. Image backup coupled with local and cloud protection provides you with the ultimate data protection and flexibility that meets your business’s needs.
Hybrid disaster recovery combines the speed of on-site backup with the security of the cloud to protect critical business data and minimize downtime. Data is backed up to local, Carbonite-supplied hardware and then automatically replicated in the cloud. The hybrid approach allows businesses to easily and quickly recover from a local copy while ensuring that the data is protected in the cloud in case the local site experiences a disaster.
Advanced management capabilities from a centralized dashboard make deployment and management easy. With just a few settings, establish consistent, automated backup policies and create notifications for monitoring backup status. Set a custom schedule and choose full or incremental backups for flexibility and capacity management. Adjust bandwidth settings and throttling for optimizing network usage and managing network traffic. The solution also allows for separate retention policies for local and cloud backups, enabling long-term retention strategies for regulatory, compliance and legal reasons.

Key Selling Points
Cloud and on-site backup with no per-server or per-device fee
Image backup captures files, applications, OS and settings
Full and incremental backups for flexibility and capacity management
Rapid recovery of single files or full system image
Centralized dashboard for monitoring and managing all backed up devices
Simple management of backup sets, retention policies, security settings and notifications
Advanced compression technology speeds backup and recovery times, and reduces storage costs
Split retention policies for both cloud and on-site backups
New and dissimilar hardware restore with no OS or other software installation required
256-bit encryption server-side and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transport security
Support for FERPA, GLBA and HIPAA compliance

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