Meraki GO GS110-48 managed switch rack mid-mount kit

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Cisco Meraki GO – Rack mid-mount kit – for Go GS110-48, GS110-48P

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The Meraki GO GS110-48 managed switch rack mid-mount kit is for Meraki Go GS110-48 and GS110-48P.

Meraki Go GS110 managed switch series

The Meraki GO GS110 managed switch is part of a family of access points, firewalls, routers and a switches. It is an “entry level” line intended for start ups, home offices, and other small businesses with little or no IT expertise.

It is not really a part of the main line of Meraki products, but rather is marketed completely separately. And, it is truly a consumer class solution.

Everything about Meraki Go is streamlined. From its deployment settings to the smart phone based app which is used to set it up.

In short, Meraki Go is a “plug and play” solution. It lets small businesses deploy very practical, basic networks on a budget. Everything from setting it up, to managing it, to sticking it on a wall are a breeze.

The Meraki GO GS110 series are available in 8, 24, and 48-port configs. They deliver up to 20 Gbps, 56 Gbps, and 104 Gbps of switching capacity respectively.Additionally, the GS110-8P has 67W of available PoE power. The GS110-24P delivers 195W, and the GS110-48P delivers 370W.

Great things about the Meraki GO GS110 series

With Meraki Go network switches, you have the port count to safely connect the other technologies you rely on. And as your business grows to include more technology, Meraki Go easily scales with your business. Important advantages of the Meraki Go network switches are that its’ incredibly easy setup in <10 minutes without any technical expertise​.

Plus, there’s no added costs or installation wires needed with PoE switches​. There’s also no license or subscription needed​, And, you can apply bulk settings to all ports, which saves time.

Automatic firmware updates keeps you up to date and secure, remote cloud management via the mobile app and web portal​ keeps you connected, built in free customer support (email and in-app)​ keeps you running smoothly.

Meraki GO is simply an affordable, complete IT solution for business and guest needs (WiFi, security, switches, and routers)​. One-stop networking for non-IT experts. Nobody does this better than Meraki.

If you’re someone who isn’t very “techie” and doesn’t want to have to be in order to provide secure wireless to a small number of people, then Meraki GO might just be for you!

Lastly, if you would like to know more about the Meraki Go family of switches, access points, and security gateways, just call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. You can also email us at [email protected]. Thanks for reading!

Meraki GO GS110-48 managed switch highlights

  • SUPER affordable
  • Incredibly easy to set up and manage
  • Up to 104 Gbps switching capacity (GS110-48)
  • Cloud managed from your phone app




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