CradlePoint 5 Year Upgrade to NetCloud Advanced for IoT Routers


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Deploy and Manage the Intelligent Network with NetCloud Manager

Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically distributed locations with NetCloud Manager (NCM), Cradlepoint’s network management service within the NetCloud platform. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your network and business operations.


  • Zero-Touch Deployment: Remotely deploy & manage all the devices on your network with no user intervention
  • Simplified Management & Orchestration: Monitor device status in real time, set proactive alerts for optimized 3G/4G/LTE data usage & network uptime
  • Instant Insights: Always connected, real-time network WAN/LAN analytics to manage data/application usage, performance & costs

Key Features:

  • Software-defined WAN with cloud management, hybrid WAN & traffic steering capabilities.
  • Centralized management via the cloud – including Out-of-Band for third party routers.
  • Remote to local UI for wide range of third party devices.
  • Hybrid WAN management for 3G/4G LTE & wired Ethernet connections.
  • Remotely configure or update router software on individual devices or in groups.
  • Create alerts & get reports: Network downtime, security threats, LTE data usage & more.
  • Secure device registration & authentication.
  • Efficient, real-time bi-directional management protocols optimized for cellular.
  • Open API enables single-pane-ofglass, integration & extensibility.
  • Resilient: Tier 4 datacenter, SSAE Type II (SAS 70) compliance.

Instant Insights & Intelligent Management

Proactive alerts and reporting enable you to better manage your network across your organization.

  • Robust WAN & LAN analytics to manage performance, data usage & costs
  • Application aware policies for intelligent WAN selection & optimization 
  • Manage networks intelligently with real-time QoE analytics
  • Monitor 3G/4G LTE data usage, avoid overages
  • Set alerts for 3G/4G LTE modem connectivity issues, failed login attempts, modem removal, unauthorized users or configuration changes

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Protect mission-critical applications— improve network uptime and performance while reducing costs:

  • Perform remote diagnostics: Status reports & error logs
  • Troubleshoot without onsite IT support & reduce truck rolls, saving time & money
  • Using cloud secure access, extend management capability to any primary router Out-of-Band without a static IP
  • Extend cloud secure access to any third party LAN device with Remote Connect

Protect Your Network

  • Secure data transactions with advanced VPN options
  • Integrated secure web filtering to filter “direct to internet” traffic with near-zero latency
  • Unified Threat Management (IPS/IDS) security options 
  • Always available with enterprise class Tier 4 datacenter, SSAE Type II (SAS 70) compliance
  • Upgrade firmware remotely – ensure up-to-date security & PCI Compliance
  • Black cloud security with NetCloud Perimeter (NCP) options

Scale Faster

  • Zero-touch configuration at installation for rapid deployment
  • Integrate easily with enterprise applications using Cradlepoint’s Open API
  • Cloud-managed instant scalability with no capital infrastructure costs
  • Easily deliver new services & applications for increased security & extended capabilities
  • Prevent poor customer experiences & lost revenue caused by Internet downtime

Enhance Network Security with Optional Best-in-Class Applications

Create, deploy, and manage network security applications from Cradlepoint Innovative Partners at remote locations with the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the security intelligence of your network.

  • Zscaler Internet Security – Configured in minutes, best-in-class Zscaler Internet Security protects your organization from web-based threats.
  • CP Secure Threat Management – A comprehensive intrusion prevention and detection system (IPS/IDS) for full defense-in-depth. 

Cradlepoint NetCloud

Software-Defined Technologies Connecting Branch, Mobile & M2M/IoT 

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud is an integrated platform that enables increased flexibility, reduced cost, and higher availability by leveraging Softwaredefined Networking (SDN), SD-WAN, 4G LTE, and WAN resiliency technologies. Managed via the cloud, you can quickly connect people, places, and things over wired and wireless networks— regardless of their location. 

The NetCloud platform consists of integrated components to enable seamless connectivity, security, management, and extensibility.


Hardened router software enabling primary/failover routing and smart WAN traffic control as well as Edge services such as SD-WAN, IDS/IPS, and security.


A single pane of glass to configure, monitor and manage connected resources from anywhere, anytime.


A Software-defined Perimeter to securely connect M2M and IoT devices to a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).

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