EMC XtremIO All-Flash Storage SAN Array – 5TB to 160TB flash SSD raw capacity capable, 200 SSD Drive max

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Opportunities to truly innovate are rare. Yet today, flash technology has created the opportunity to not only deliver massive I/O performance, but to transform ease-of-use, array capabilities, and business value. Welcome to the 100% Flash Enterprise Storage Array from EMC XtremIO – where unimaginable performance is only the start.

Big, small, or anywhere in between, there’s an XtremIO array sized right for you. With a scale-out design that grows according to your needs, additional performance and capacity are added in a building-block approach. XtremIO’s advanced architecture ensures that maximum performance is maintained as the system scales – without administrator intervention, configuration or tuning! All resources scale in balance – storage processors, memory, flash capacity, and host ports – so you always get the most out of the system and there are no performance bottlenecks.

XtremIO delivers its performance under demanding conditions that leave other products gasping for IOPS and delivering inconsistent latency. You don’t have to worry about performance dropping as capacity fills, as the flash is written over, or under sustained high load. XtremIO simply delivers.

Simply put, XtremIO delivers more of what you need – performance and usable capacity, and less of what you don’t – overhead, energy consumption, heat generation, and rack space. No matter how you measure it – IOPS, rack units, watts, or BTUs, XtremIO storage is radically efficient.

XtremIO utilizes MLC flash combined with sophisticated wear leveling, data reduction, and write abatement technology that delivers extended flash endurance and makes the system both enterprise reliable and reason- ably priced. XtremIO arrays get the job done with less flash capacity, making them surprisingly cost effective.

XtremIO’s revolutionary internal architecture com- pletely eliminates complex setup and tuning steps, while inherently delivering maximum performance. Create and size volumes in a few clicks, map them to hosts with a few more, and the array is configured. XtremIO can go from shipping box to production in well under an hour. Every volume gets optimal performance and data protection automatically and maintains it as the array scales-out. Rolling out applications has never been easier because an XtremIO array simply cannot be misconfigured. And with true N-way active/active operation, all volumes can be accessed through all ports on all storage processors in the cluster, for ideal multipath I/O and the ultimate in performance aggregation.

When rethinking flash storage from the ground-up, why not remake data protection in the process? XtremIO’s flash-specific data protection algorithms ensure the array is as resilient as it is fast. Every cluster scaling unit (called X-Bricks) has its data protected in an N+2 scheme that tolerates multiple simultaneous SSD failures. Optimal data encoding and decoding processes recover from failed SSDs rapidly with distributed rebuilds. Hot spares are not needed since XtremIO’s distributed rebuilding process utilizes free space in the array. And while providing this extreme level of data protection, XtremIO’s algorithms also outperform every traditional RAID level while demanding fewer write cycles from the flash. It’s data protection that is faster, safer, utilizes less capacity overhead, and yields the highest flash endurance. Only on XtremIO.

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