Fortinet FG70F Next-Gen firewall – FG-70F UTM Firewall

Fortinet FG70F Next-Gen firewall – FG-70F UTM Firewall

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The Fortinet FG70F Next-Gen firewall is the latest in Fortinet’s “F” series. The FG-70F follows the 40F, 60F, and 80F. It is seen as a replacement for the very good FG-60F.

The Fortinet FG70F firewall is a SECURE SD-WAN security appliance. In other words, it protects what’s inside your perimeter (firewall), and what’s on the freeways leading out of it. SD-WAN gives extra secure, quick access to cloud-connected applications so important these days. For example, think of Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, and Office 365.

Fortinet’s super-secure approach is characterized by easy deployment and management which is granular and detailed, but still clear and intuitive. This is all possible because of the new, ridiculously fast SoC4 processor inside the FG-70F.

Some numbers on the Fortinet FG70F firewall!

Ok, ok. The FG-70F pushes 10 Gbps total Firewall Throughput, and 1 Gbps of Next Gen Firewall Throughput. You also get 1.4 Gbps of IPS Throughput and 6.5 Gbps of SSL VPN Throughput, with firewall latency at 3 μs. The FG-80F is good for up to 100 users. There’s also 800 Gbps of Threat Protection Throughput. These numbers are very comparable to the FG-60F it is replacing, except that it hits over twice as many concurrent sessions (1.5M), and Threat Protection is 800 Mbps vs 700 Mbps for the FG-60F.

In short, the Fortinet FG70F Next-Gen firewall sort of bullies other appliances in it’s price range. That may change as the other guys catch up, (maybe). But, consider that at the moment the FG-70F’s Firewall Throughput is 8x greater (on average) than similar-priced firewalls with their drowsy, generic CPU’s. In addition, FG-70F handles WAY more Concurrent Sessions, much higher IPsec VPN Throughput!

But here’s the really cool thing about the Fortinet FG70F firewall: In addition to improved performance, it is re-designed to address the supply chain challenges that have been so bad for, well, everybody. And especially for IT security and networking suppliers.

Fortinet FG70F: Who’s this designed for?

Another great question! This model is most suited for the “M” part of “SMB.” In other words, mid-sized businesses, and also large branch offices. There’s really nothing entry-level about what this appliance can do. And, we’d love to tell you more about the FG-70F. So, why not give Corporate Armor a call at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]? Thanks for reading!

Great things about the Fortinet FG70F firewall

  • 1 Gbps of Next Gen Firewall Throughput
  • 1.4 Gbps of IPS Throughput
  • Radical new FortiSoC4 processor
  • Built-in SD-WAN


Fortinet FG-70F datasheet


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