Fortinet FN-TRAN-GC SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module GigE FN-TRAN-GC


Fortinet FN-TRAN-GC – SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module – GigE – 1000Base-T – RJ-45 – up to 328 ft – for FortiGate 11XX, 18XX, 22XX, 33XX, 34XX, 36XX, 40, 42XX, 60, 61; FortiSwitch 424, 448, M426

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Fortinet FN-TRAN-GC – SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module – GigE – 1000Base-T – RJ-45 – up to 328 ft – for FortiGate 11XX, 18XX, 22XX, 33XX, 34XX, 36XX, 40, 42XX, 60, 61; FortiSwitch 424, 448, M426

Common connectivity problems in enterprise and data center networks are often traced back to low-quality and incompatible transceiver modules, rather than a fault in the network appliances themselves. Fortinet’s transceivers have been purpose-built and tested to work with Fortinet equipment, ensuring that your network is as stable and robust as possible, and taking the guesswork out of selecting compatible transceivers.

Key Selling Points
Tested for compatibility
Maximize network uptime
Cost effective

Additional information

Weight 0.14 lbs
Product Description Fortinet FN-TRAN-GC - SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module - GigE
Device Type SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module
Form Factor Plug-in module
Cabling Type 1000Base-T
Data Transfer Rate 1.25 Gbps
Max Transfer Distance 328 ft
Designed For Fortinet FortiGate 1000C NGFW+ATP Bundle, 1000D, 100E, 100EF, 100F, 101E, 101F, 1100E, 1100E-DC, 1101E, 1200D, 1240B NGFW+ATP Bundle, 140E, 140E-POE, 1500, 1500D-DC, 1500DT, 1800F, 1801F, 2000E, 200D-POE, 200D-POE NGFW+ATP Bundle, 200D-POE UTM Bundle, 200E, 201E, 2200E, 2201E, 240D-POE, 240D-POE NGFW+ATP Bundle, 240D-POE UTM Bundle, 2500E, 280D-POE NGFW + ATP Bundle, 3000D, 3000D-DC, 300C-DC NGFW + ATP Bundle, 300D, 300E, 301E, 30E, 30E-3G4G, 3100D, 3100D-DC, 3200D, 3200D-DC, 3300E, 3301E, 3400E, 3400E-DC, 3401E, 3401E-DC, 3600C NGFW+ATP Bundle, 3600C-DC, 3600E, 3600E-DC, 3601E, 3700D, 3700D-DC, 3700DX, 3800D, 3800D-DC, 3810D, 3810D-DC, 3810D-DC-NEBS, 3815D, 3815D-DC, 3960E, 3960E-DC, 3980E, 3980E-DC, 400D, 400E, 401E, 40C UTM Bundle, 40F, 40F-3G4G, 4200F, 4201F, 5001C NGFW + ATP Bundle, 5001D, 5001E, 5001E1, 500D, 500D NGFW+ATP Bundle, 500D UTM Bundle, 500E, 501E, 50B UTM Bundle, 50e, 5144C, 5144C-DC, 51E, 52E, 600C NGFW+ATP Bundle, 600C-DC NGFW + ATP Bundle, 600D, 600E, 601E, 6040E, 60C, 60C UTM Bundle, 60D-3G4G-VZW, 60E, 60E-DSL, 60E-DSLJ, 60E-POE, 60F, 61E, 61F, 6300F, 6301F, 6500F, 6501F, 7030E, 7030E-QSFP28, 7030E-SFP10G, 7040E, 7040E-1 Bundle, 7040E-2 Bundle, 7040E-3 Bundle, 7040E-4, 7040E-4 Bundle, 7040E-5 Bundle, 7040E-6 Bundle, 7040E-8, 7040E-8-DC, 7040E-DC, 7060E, 7060E-1 Bundle, 7060E-3 Bundle, 7060E-8, 7060E-8 Bundle, 7060E-8-DC, 70D, 70D-POE, 800 NGFW + ATP Bundle, 800D, 80C UTM Bundle, 80D, 80E, 80E-POE, 81E, 81E-POE, 900D, 90D-POE UTM Bundle, 90E, 91E, 92D, 94D-POE UTM Bundle, 98D-POE, FG-200D, FG-600D, FG-7030E-QSFP28, FG-90D u00a6 Fortinet FortiSwitch 1024D, 1048D, 1048E, 108E, 108E-FPOE, 108E-POE, 124D, 124D-POE, 124E, 124E-FPOE, 124E-POE, 148E, 148E-POE, 224D-FPOE, 224E, 224E-POE, 248D, 248D-FPOE, 248D-POE, 248E-FPOE, 248E-POE, 3032D, 3032E, 424D, 424D-FPOE, 424D-POE, 424e, 424E-FPOE, 448D, 448D-FPOE, 448D-POE, 448E, 448E-FPOE, 448E-POE, 524D, 524D-FPOE, 548D, 548D-FPOE, M426E-FPOE, M426E-POE
Connectivity Technology Wired
Features Auto-negotiation, hot swappable
Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3ab
Interfaces 1 x Ethernet 1000Base-T - RJ-45 female
Power Consumption Operational 1.05 Watt
Min Operating Temperature 32 u00b0F
Max Operating Temperature 185 u00b0F