FortiGate-61E FortiAnalyzer Cloud SOCAAS Cloud-based 1yr – with Log Monitoring (PaaS), IOC Service FC-10-0061E-464

FortiAnalyzer Cloud Cloud-based Log Monitoring (PaaS), IOC Service and FortiCloud SOCaaS – Subscription license (1 year) – hosted – for P/N: FG-61E-811-NFR, FG-61E-BDL-811-12, FG-61E-BDL-817-36, FG-61E-BDL-817-60

SKU: FC-10-0061E-464~PVAR Category: Brand: Fortinet


FortiGate-61E FortiAnalyzer Cloud SOCAAS Cloud-based 1yr – FortiGuard SOC-as-a-service is a cloud based, managed security and monitoring service. It helps existing SOC teams analyze security events generated from FortiGate devices, perform alert triage, and escalate confirmed threat notifications for appropriate expert response. It can serve as your entire, outsourced SOC, or it can augment your existing SOC.

Basically, FortiGuard SOC-as-a-service provides instant, round-the-clock access to a mature SOC service with no hassle. It’s built on Fortinet’s Security Fabric platform. And, Fortinet’s AI-driven technology,powers FortiGuard, FortiAnalyzer, FortiSoar, as well as integration with FortiCloud.

FortiGuard SOC provides 24-hour security monitoring, detection, response, and even proactive threat hunting. It allows you to control access to your business environment.

FortiGuard SOC’s expert SOC analysts will monitor your network for threats around the clock with. And to request personal service, you simply fill out the service request form. You can easily track the progress of your submitted request.

There’s much more to what FortiGuard SOC is and what it can do for your organization and your peace of mind. Corporate Armor would love to tell you more, so just email us or call 877-449-0458.

FortiGate-61E FortiAnalyzer Cloud SOCAAS Cloud-based 1yr

  • 24x7x365 around the globe active monitoring
  • Direct access to Fortinet SOC expert analysts
  • Cloud-based and On-prem models
  • Excellent technical support


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1 Year

Product Description FortiAnalyzer Cloud Cloud-based Log Monitoring (PaaS), IOC Service and FortiCloud SOCaaS - subscription license (1 year) - 1 license
Product Type Subscription license - 1 year
Category Online & appliance based services - cloud computing software, cloud-based management
Installation Type Hosted - SOCaaS
License Qty 1 license
Designed For P/N: FG-61E, FG-61E-811-NFR, FG-61E-980-NFR, FG-61E-BDL, FG-61E-BDL-811-12, FG-61E-BDL-811-36, FG-61E-BDL-811-60, FG-61E-BDL-817-12, FG-61E-BDL-817-36, FG-61E-BDL-817-60, FG-61E-BDL-871-12, FG-61E-BDL-871-24, FG-61E-BDL-871-36, FG-61E-BDL-871-48, FG-61E-BDL-871-60, FG-61E-BDL-874-12, FG-61E-BDL-874-36, FG-61E-BDL-874-60, FG-61E-BDL-900-24, FG-61E-BDL-900-36, FG-61E-BDL-900-48, FG-61E-BDL-900-60, FG-61E-BDL-950-12, FG-61E-BDL-950-24, FG-61E-BDL-950-36, FG-61E-BDL-950-48, FG-61E-BDL-950-60, FG-61E-BDL-974-12, FG-61E-BDL-974-24, FG-61E-BDL-974-36, FG-61E-BDL-974-48, FG-61E-BDL-974-60, FG-61E-BDL-980-12, FG-61E-BDL-980-36, FG-61E-BDL-980-60, FG-61E-BDL-988-12, FG-61E-BDL-988-36, FG-61E-BDL-988-60, FG-61E-NFR