Fortinet FortiAP-U223EV / FAP-U223EV Indoor Wireless Access Point

Fortinet FortiAP FAP-U223EV IEEE 802.11ac 1.14 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point
Create a reliable wireless business network with this wireless access point that features a high-speed data transfer rate.
With IEEE 802.11ac standard and up to 1.14 Gbit/s data transfer rates, this wireless access point enables efficient network performance.
Up to 10x faster than standard Ethernet connectivity for your wired network.

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The Fortinet U221EV and U223EV access points support the latest 802.11ac Wave 1 standard, with a client association rate of up to 867 Mbps. These APs feature two 2×2:2 radios, supporting client devices transmitting up to two spatial streams.

Fortinet’s FortiAP-U Series offers a wide range of Access Points capable of being managed by any of Fortinet’s controller and management options: Cloud, FortiOS, or WLAN Controller. Access Points are available across the performance spectrum up to the fastest 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4 devices.

  • Universal Access Management Ability to intelligently support stand-alone controllers (FortiWLC), integrated security controllers (FortiGate) and cloud management (future) options, establish a new benchmark in flexibility, performance and security
  • Latest WiFi technologies 802.11ac Wave 2 technology with data rates of up to 3.5 Gbps and multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) improves client throughput and range.
  • Unmatched Security Protection Integrates with Fortinet’s Security Fabric providing unparalleled cybersecurity protection at the network edge.

Fortinet Universal access points are designed to support medium to large offices, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, and large retail stores.


Deployment of large scale WiFi requires site surveys, channel planning and worries over cell sizes and transmit power. Fortinet’s Universal access points, when paired with our wireless controllers (FortiWLC and MC), eliminates this work. This enables school administrators to simplify initial deployment or the adding of APs to support more students throughout the campus or in classrooms without the headaches of more wireless network planning.


Patient safety is priority one. Fortinet Universal APs empower hospitals to improve patient safety by enabling life-critical applications such as telemetry requiring low bandwidth but exceptionally high reliability. Our Integrated secure wireless controllers (FortiGate) connected to our Universal access points ensures patient safety remains paramount.

Small/Medium Business 

The retail sector continues to be a top target for cyber criminals. To protect themselves and their customers, while also providing robust wireless services to their customers and employees, retailers need a cost-effective wireless solution. Retailers can streamline WiFi store deployments through the combination of Universal APs and FortiGate. This, in combination with FortiGuard services, provides cybersecurity protection to mitigate risk to retailers from damage created by a data breach. 

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