FortiClient Chromebook Agent subscription plus FortiCare 24×7 500 licenses FC2-10-EMS05-403-01-12

FortiClient Chromebook Agent – Subscription license (1 year) + FortiCare 24×7 – 500 licenses – hosted – cloud hosted EMS – Chrome OS

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FortiClient Chromebook Agent subscription plus FortiCare 24×7 – Schools continue to be key targets of cyber-attacks, accounting for 27.4% of all attacks across various verticals. After all, they possess a wealth of information including PII, research, intellectual property, and more. Lack of compliance is another forefront issue for many educators to tackle.

Adherence to country, state, and local regulations such as Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), British Education Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA), and many others, as well as each school’s Internet Acceptable Use policy is a challenge requiring complex security controls to implement and manage.

FortiClient’s Chromebook extension (plug-in) protects students and secures Chrome OS by blocking access to inappropriate websites with objectionable content, or harmful websites that may contain phishing/pharming attacks or malware.

FortiClient’s web filtering lets you attain CIPA (US HR4577) and BECTA (UK) compliance by enabling highly-granular policies that filter web access based on more than 75 web content categories and more than 43 million rated websites – all continuously updated via FortiGuard Labs.

Unbelievable ease

As a self-managed solution, FortiClient is very easy to use. It simply runs off the default scanning and firewall configs in FortiGate. Used this way, the program’s core components can be set up in just a couple of clicks. And, FortiClient is easy to use with any WiFi connection. That means you don’t have to worry about having limited access from an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, etc.

In addition, it’s a very good endpoint protection, stopping known vulnerabilities in their tracks. FortiClient also features behavior based detection which helps protect against zero day attacks. It is even good for vulnerability scanning.

Designed as a simple, easy to use endpoint solution to an Enterprise Management Service, FortiClient is a very solid solution with a very budget friendly price. If you have any questions, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458.  FortiClient datasheet

FortiClient 1-year 500 user – 24X7 FortiCare – Highlights

  • Integrated VPN, firewall, and vulnerability detection
  • IPSec VPN access
  • AntiVirus protection
  • Scans malware on a very high level
  • Extremely secure VPN connections


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Product Description FortiClient Chromebook Agent - subscription license (1 year) + FortiCare 24x7 - 500 licenses
Product Type Subscription license - 1 year
Category Security applications - security management, security suite, advanced threat detection
Installation Type Hosted - PaaS
License Qty 500 licenses
Bundled Support FortiCare 24x7
Licensing Details Cloud hosted EMS
Platform Chrome OS
Service & Support New releases update
Details Cloud hosted EMS
Type New releases update - 1 year u00a6 Phone consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday u00a6 E-mail consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday u00a6 Web support - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday u00a6 Web knowledge base access - 1 year