Fortinet FortiCloud 1 Year Service with Unlimited Storage for FortiGate-90E

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FortiCloud is a cloud-based SaaS, offering a range of management and services across the Fortinet Firewalls and Access Points. FortiCloud offers zero touch deployment, configuration management, reporting and analytics, Sandboxing for zero day threat protection and the Indicators of Compromise service which utilizes Big Data analytics to identify threats already present in client devices. As a cloud service, FortiCloud can grow with your requirements from a single AP or FortiGate all the way up to a full MSP management solution for thousands of devices across multiple customers.

Free Service Option

FortiCloud offers a free tier which allows deployment and visibility of Access Points and FortiGate products. Data retention is limited to 7 days but it allows access to many of the features and can be used as a portal into FortiCloud Sandbox which is available as part of the Enterprise bundle for FortiGates.

Full Subscription Option 

  • Full Management of FortiGates and APs
  • FortiGuard Subscription for FAP-S APs included
  • Configuration management and backup for FortiGates
  • 1 Year of online logs and analysis 


  • Simple deployment included with zero touch options
  • Thousands of devices provisioned with a single code

International Cloud Management

  • Isolated instances for Europe, Americas and Asia ensures data separation for privacy laws
  • Two-factor authentication built in for free using FortiToken apps


  • Single license enables multi-tenancy for many customers
  • Read Only customer accounts
  • Unique Customer logo on reports
  • Simple Central visibility and access 

FortiGuard Services

  • Fully integrated with the class leading UTM/ATP services from Fortinet’s FortiGuard division
  • FortiCloud Sandbox provides the most up to date protection available

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